Long Road To Aso Villa.....Former Beauty Queen turned Politician, Amaka Oguchi Orum Bares Her Mind Why Nigerians Should Vote In Abubakar Atiku As The Next President on February 25.

* After many years of waiting and several months of counting down; the much anticipated 2023 Presidential Election Is Here at last

And come Saturday 25th  February 2023, Nigerians from all walks of life will be out in their millions to vote in  the next President to take over from the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR 

In this special encounter with us, Chief Mrs Amaka Oguchi Orum, a former Beauty Queen turned Politician bares her  mind   why she feels Alhaji Abubakar Atiku of PDP is the best bet to salvage Nigeria

In her words

" I am very optimistic that this much awaited 2023 presidential election will be marked as one of the positive turning points in Nigerian electoral system.

We are seeing more people getting involved in the process and ensuring they will cast their votes for their preferred candidate come February 25th 2023. 

There is no doubt that  this massive movement is seen most especially among the youths who are  eager to see  a  better and more prosperous new Nigeria

It is therefore important that we understand the importance of casting our votes  right and also for the right candidate. A candidate who will take Nigerian citizens out of the mess and misery Of living in abject poverty, insecurity, poor health system, zero economical growth. It’s very sad to see the next generation who is to lead and drive our labor force and growth currently sitting at home for over a year. To think that with this know fact Nigeria is still owing in trillions. Nigerian citizen are deeply suffering under the leadership of APC in more ways than we can physically see. and it will only continue if we allow APC come back with their agenda that has failed the people and that is killing our country.

If you don’t see the need to vote and vote right do it for your Children and good future of our great County Nigeria

PDP has a positive track record of driving economics growth, ensuring a safe and secure country, the quality of life was beautiful and affordable.

Now PDP is bringing forward a capable Presidential Candidate. A man with experience who isn’t new to the leadership and understanding Nigeria in the person of H.E Alhaji Atiku Abubakar GCON.

 He has everything it takes to move Nigeria out of its current state of shambles to a better Nigeria that we all dream of with his 5 point agends. Which is to

•Reunifying the Country,

•To Tacking Insecurity,

•Improving on the economy and drive continuous growth,

•Restructuring the Country in all para stallion and

•Improving Education and human capital development.

This is a plan that touches everything and all  aspects of where Nigeria has been neglected and suffering from. This agenda is also for the benefits of Our Women, mothers, fathers, children, Christians, Muslims as We have a diverse country of multi ethnical and multi religious people. We all need to feel that we are one Nigeria living and allowing a balanced representation in all sectors , projects.

Voting for PDP’s choice in the person of H.E Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is not only the right choice but is the perfect representation of who we should be proud to call our president. He is highly respected at home and abroad and will drive a solid International representation and relationship and collaboration between Nigeria and other countries. We will no longer have to worry about International misrepresentation among others.

On the other hand , alot of people especially the youths have been mentioning the  candidature of Mr Peter Obi but I have my reservations on why I feel his choice will be an error  

But let it be on record that in as much as I have a lot of respect for Peter Obi , I feel he is  in a party that  doesn’t have a well stated policy or agenda, neither does he have a proper and strong representation across the spares of government and parastatals to drive quick recovery of the Nation that we so desperately need.

Unfortunately Nigeria hasn’t gotten to the point  where a single individual can run on an independent ground or without party backing especially when that individual want to assume the seat of President to preside over 36 States.

We have over 900 key seats in Senate, National Assembly and house of reps. This is aside the seat for the governors.

This is the reason why  there is always a fight for the party that covers a large state, larger senatorial seats, Speaker and so on. Each party has their own agenda or their key focus to drive a positive impact which they all agree to as a party. They ensure they win in large amount in different areas to ensure easy implementation. Now The larger the party coverage the easier for the party to drive and implement their agenda without opposition, tension and disagreement.

Knowing how corruption and powers that be have  a grip on our country, it is dangerous and detrimental to Nigerians to risk that uncertainty by voting Labour Party that has no spread.

If it was truly left to one man then why was Vice President  Professor Osibanjo frustrated out in his short term of acting as President when we could all see he was making a difference. 

Why would Buhari the President of Nigeria be oblivious to important matter and worrisome events happening in our country 

The answer is simply because It will never take only one man. Which is also why Alhaji Atiku’s 5 point agenda touches true federalism and restructuring.

I hope Nigerians can take the next few days to truly think of their decision of who we elect to becomes the next President of our country. We need to recover and recover fast in all sectors from our Education, to security, quality of life, economic growth, health sectors, international growth and all. As for me however I look at it PDP is the right choice. H.E Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is the Man who will take Nigerians to the place of our dreams, the Nigerian we can all be proud of without planing to japa( migrate abroad

Finally, I pray and wish to passionately appeal to all the aspirants to keep to the peace accord promise they signed in Abuja ,we must all pray and work towards a free and fair ejection to usher in a new dawn in our democracy

* Amaka Oguchi-Orum is the Confidential secretary of the PDP Campaign council DG Alhaji Aminu Waziri Tambuwal CON

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