International Tourism Destination.......Experience Paradise In Africa , plan to be in The Smiling Coast of Africa (The Gambia) this Easter.


The place of sound rest via a well planned strategic vacation cannot be overemphasized as it in no small way helps rejuvenate the mind, body and brain

Little wonder ,a special package for you to experience paradise in Africa has come out for your delight

This paradise is non other than The Smiling Coast of Africa (The Gambia) which is arguably one of the  safest and friendliest places for visitors to explore and, which upon arrival; remains so  easy to understand why it’s garnered such an admirable reputation.

In a special tour package  made available to world Industry Leaders Magazine by the principal travel consultant, Clara Okoro,  the visit to the smiling coast seems worthy of the visit

The programme of activities for the  3 days tour in the Smiling Coast 

Hotel Accommodation for days at the newly built Bakadaji Hotel and Suites. 

Day 1 :  City Tour – Banjul  - Albert market  ..Shopping, tour to the Museum and national Assembly building .. 

Bakau – Kacthikally crocodile pool , tour of the pool and museum . Back to the hotel lunch and sun bed.

Evening  : Cultural entertainment 

Day 2 : River Cruising of the famous River Gambia  .. Fishing and lunch on ship

Day 3: A visit to Slave island Kunta Kinta .

   3 Days package excluding the flight tickets = N507, 000

 ($650) per person excluding flight tickets.

* Visit the smiling coast....for an unforgettable experience in life!

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13th February 2023


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