HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY: Exclusive, Here's what our Top 3 Global Leaders had to say about this special Love Day!


Valentine's Day
is back for another year.
Some celebrate it with red roses, chocolates, gifts, and of course, sweeping declarations of love, and some just embrace this "once-a-year" special day, in a more sumptuous way, while some others dream of lavish romancing holidays away with their significant one.

Whether you find them cute or cringe-worthy, you've no doubt seen some loved-up Facebook and Instagram posts, and of course, World Industry Leaders Magazine has asked our Top 3 favorite Global Leaders to join in, on the action, and give us a little background of what Valentine's Day means to them.

Let's begin with one of our treasured A-Lister Celebrities, all the way from the United Kingdom, who is globally known as a Multi Award Winning Entertainer, Artist/ Supermodel/ Host/ Public Speaker & Author. She has been featured in several adverts across the globe, including our own Nigeria, which is none other than Afro-Caribbean-Latina beauty, "Miss-K", whose full name is Karina Theresa Martinez. Here is what she had to say about Valentine's Day: 
I always feel highly honored to talk about Love or anything connected to it. Indeed, I love LOVE and I love to LOVE. That said, I believe that Valentine's Day should be a special moment between you and your significant other. It's that simple. Sure you get to showcase love daily to them,it goes without saying, still I feel Valentine's Day is, however, a special day, or even a full week in my case, where you get to make this love a statement piece. 
That is when you get to get to make things "SUPER EXTRA SPECIAL" when you are all loved up, of course. And truly I think it also motivates the lazy ones, who all year long do not do much to showcase their love. So on that special day, they are challenged to step it up. For sure, that's my view. It forces lovers to be in that romantic energy and to still embrace it as a celebration of their love. After all, Google is always here to help the helpless. (Smile).

As for me, I love romance and all the good stuff that comes with it. I love the thoughtfulness and all the efforts and creativity that are put into surprising your partner, whether they are big or small surprises. I just love the suspense of it all. I love it when your partner is thoughtful and creative in ways that showcase how they truly know you and how they are dedicated to making you smile, by creating memories to last and to love. Whether it be an outdoor or indoor Picnic, cozying by the fireplace at home, fancy trips away, or Special SPA treatments, the list goes on, as long as it's done with love and together, to me, that is what matters." Miss-K
Visit Miss-K.com for more.
Now moving on to one of our favorite Nollywood Pride, Multi Award Winning Actor, Film Director & Producer from Lagos Nigeria, The Cinema Sensation, Mr.Teco Benson who has produced many hit movies, that talked about romance and love drama. Here are his views on Valentine's day.
" To me, Valentine's day is a day to express love and affection to your significant other. It is also a day to celebrate romantic love. There is no set expectation for lovers on Valentine's Day, but many people believe that exchanging love letters, flowers, or chocolates is a traditional way to show appreciation. Some people also enjoy going out for a romantic dinner or taking a romantic walk together. Either way, what matters is to rejoice in the latter and certainly make it memorable in the presence of the one who you share your heart and life with. That's how Valentine's day is done. In 2023, we have no excuses to pretend not to know how to surprise our partner, with all the information we have online, it would be a crime to not have any idea. Here is a good one. Google: "Ideas to surprise your partner on valentine", it's that simple.
They do say, BEST for last: So here are the thoughts of our Imperial guests, Ghanaian Royalty, from the Ashanti tribe, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Nana Hemaa Amonoo Gyamfuah Debrah/Asantefuo Hemaa, on what Valentine's day represents to her Majesty. 
"Being a proud catholic myself, I know that at the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as St. Valentine's Day, though it was generally more religious than romantic, I am happy to know that all those centuries February 14th has remained a day of celebration of love.
In the bible, we are all taught to love each other, and I love to use valentine's day as a reminder to love my friends, my neighbors, and all those who surround me. I always love to give back the best I can, and that brings warmth to my heart. They do say, sharing is caring. So I share the best way I can, and I do it with love. I also appreciate gifts and certainly love chocolates too. 
That said, loving self, is what matters, and I pray for all the single people out there, so they can find inner happiness and meet their true match on this special day. Medaase."
For more info on Her Royal Highness's giving back and latest charity project, visit www. Africahelp.uk
So here you have it ladies and gentlemen. The World Industry Leaders Magazine has delivered you exclusive storylines from some of the greats who have already made an impact globally. We hope this helps. Happy Valentine.


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