Special Tribute .....Ex beauty Queen turned politician, Chief Amaka Oguchi Orum Returns All Glory to GOD

In a research  paper carried out recently  in Florida, United State Of America, a group of study experts revealed that a lady with intense beauty and no brain( intelligence) can amount to nothing.

Yet in today’s world, this scenario abound and  is even worse off, in some circle when the lady in question has the beauty, but lacking in brain and in strong religious ties, eg Christ loving.

The entire mix is thus called beauty, brain and Christ; it is a rare mix that only few can boast of in today’s beauty world.

Our subject matter today is none other than the ex- beauty Queen  called Amaka Oguchi, the former Miss Commonwealth Africa, who enjoyed a very long reign, and on quitting the Pageant World, went on to set up a beauty Spa Studio called LE AMY,  and today she has since expanded to other levels of life and delved into  politics. 

The lady who is still basking under the euphoria of her 2023 birthday has this to say after a classic photo shoot on her " kimono " outfit "I have nothing to say than thank you God for sparing my life to see this day and living my dreams of working as a politician, am simply grateful to my creator God" she told Cerutti Media subsidiary platform,World Industry Leaders Magazine last night 

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* Happy New Dawn to the emeritus beauty Queen.

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