Eunice Efole Proves Her Worth as A True Philantropist.....Donates half a million Naira to support National Intergrity award Foundation

" Itis very uncommon for me to ascribe the benefaction they receive to pure charity when they can possibly impute them to any other motive; hence when we give we must give with clear conscience"- lord Henry Fieding

Shorly after  receiving her award for Intergrity in business last week

High flying property development lady and charitable care giver Amb Dr Eunice  Efole doled out a whopping sum of half a million to support Princess Eno Udo foundation -  convener of the National Intergrity award & media organization

Shorly after the event, Amb Dr Eunice Efole spoke to World Industry Leaders Magazine on sundary national issues

The multiple awards winner and the Chief Executive Officer of Elevated Properties, Amb.Eunic  Efole,  called on Nigerian women to get involved in active politics given their talents, education, exposure and experience, stressing that Nigeria is due for a female president and  challenged women to come out from hiding and seek support from the women folk and make impact using their God-given talents, potentials and capabilities.

According to her, “Women should be out there because they have a lot of potentials, a lot of virtues, a lot of gifts and talents. They should not stifle themselves; they should come out there and showcase their talents. As a matter of fact, Nigeria is due for a female president”.

Responding to the question of whether she intends to go into politics, she said, “We are all political; we do political activities even in our homes and offices. Politics is a lifestyle; it’s about what we do in our service to a fellow human being. We do not need to call women to get involved in politics, it’s imperative for them to come out. Women do not need to be pushed; this is the time and age where women excel.

“We have women Prime Ministers in various countries in Europe, what is wrong with African women? They have the education; they have the exposure and the talent to turn the economy around. So, women should come out and seek support from fellow women. Women should support fellow women as well. We have the capabilities; we have the abilities to excel. So, let’s come out, let us not be hiding anymore.”

The obviously elated ambassador Efole disclosed that the award she received would spur her to do more since people are recognizing her efforts.

In her word, “The awards I have won means that I’m doing something right and that people are noticing them. When you are being recognized and given an award, it means there is need for you to do more, it also means that you are being appreciated and that your labour is not in vain.

“It is an impetus. It means that people are noticing my good works and I give God all the glory. Giving to people in need comes to me naturally; you are supposed to reach out to people whenever you can. You should not deny anybody that help because God gives it to us freely and you should be able to reach out to others freely.”

She advised youths to channel their youthful energy into productive ventures with resilience and patience, assuring that they would succeed.

On her title as PDP Ambassador, she revealed that 

 “I was given the Ambassadorial position January this year. I’m focusing on somebody with a lot of experience in the political terrain of this country. We don’t need a neophyte right now. We need somebody who knows the nooks and cranny of this country.

She appreciated the award organizer for her discernment, adding “She was able to recognize me. One, I’m not boasting, I’m of a good stock, I was well brought up and I have excelled, I have improved over the years and I hope my token half a million will help the National Intergrity award Foundation to touch more lives positively" she posited

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