National Intergrity award 2022 :Property Empress & Woman After God Heart, Ambassador Cassandra Wins in Charity Deeds

Enter the prolific profile of Cassandra

 The great achievers, and super global Africa's big stage speaker Chief Mrs Abiodun Awosika  posited  thus

“ Grace is giving by God,but business acumen is born in the open bmarket"

This is big talk from a woman, who is boardroom empress and role model to many globally

From her early days she had decided within herself that she would be a solver of peoples problems and bring them joy ,Awosika had always knew where she was going and what she wanted from life-she was totally written off as kid, but ended up as perhaps one of the most intelligent African  lady's today 

THAT her quote on Grace  is not much different from that of the Abuja based international business lady, fashion designer, style monument, humanitarian and real estate property developer and merchant, in person of Cassandra NGOZI Martina CEO Cassandra Ventures international

She has in recent times  been described in superlatives. Yet not one born with massive silver spoon, from a middle class family of 4, Cassandra Ngozi was  born and bred in the Northern city of Kaduna in family of 4, two boys and two girls, after her secondary school education, she was on the wings and quickly got a sales /marketing job as a young girl b  in Kaduna, where she gave all her best, though fulfilled, fashion was her talent and gift from God, so while working in day with her sales job, she was training at night as a designer in fashion

On completing her fashion designing program, she found her way to the federal city of Abuja and began small but had big focus, in no time she as making impact and designing for the who is who in the land  and got her dream registered as CASSANDRA VENTURES

IT is on record that as far back at late 90’s and early 2000, she was staging shows and bringing top models from Lagos and across Africa-alongside rising music talent like Rugged man, 2 FACE/PLANTATION  BOYS, Idris Abdulkareem etc  to showcase her goods and mystical designs before the outside world , she was also a notable designer for top women of substance like Senator Florence Ita Giwa , Daisy Danjuma and several top VIP personalities

From fashion, she has veered to hotel and tourism business-owning a hotel and beach home front in the picturesque Cape Town, South Africa, where she labeled her second home after Nigeria

A much fulfilled woman whom God has blessed, she recently bagged a new degree in theology from a highly respected American theology institute, a degree she hopes to use in propagating her vision of God AND to aid her humanitarian work globally from Africa as her root and base

Her love for property development has led her to recently established the wave making five star Cassandra Hostels in Uturu in Abia State which has been described as second to none

A very deep lover of God...

She recently bagged a BTH in Theology and a diploma in Church Management , all in equipping her as a global  Motivational speaker in all.

Happily married with children, Cassandra Ngozi MARTINA has as her hobbies, travelling, looking chic and elegant, reading, spreading Gods works and work and enjoying jazz music in addition to devoting ample of her time to her family and tending to the less privileged

We say a big congrats for her to have been nominated as the recipients of the 2022 National Integrity award

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Chief Mike Cerutti Osagie 

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" A world of Excellence"


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