Meet The Baltimore USA Woman Of Passionate Energy Called Aaliyah ... & Why She Loves The Life She Lives

The great  international business mogul, Tommy Hilfiger once postulated about the power of passion thus

" The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve any dream you set out to achieve in life "

Such can no doubt be said about our special guest  today in person of lady Goddessiman Aaliyah, the  professionally trained actor who channels her talent into live performance, poetry, dance, music, and most recently modeling.

Aside that, the Baltimore, Maryland born sensation is  also an interdisciplinary artist, cosmetologist, and all-around powerhouse.

 As an actor Goddessiman, has appeared on films and stage in musicals, plays, devised theater, and Shakespeare-most notably playing Lady Macbeth for the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival. 

As a teaching artist, she has performed on several education tours in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey for diverse audiences of students, teaching scene work, and stage combat.  Described as being “fluid and precise” and possessing “gravitas and grounded openness”,  she is interested in continuing to use the full scope of her artistry to empower her community and uplift the African diaspora through positive representation. 

Speaking to World industry leaders Magazine from her Maryland base she was most optimistic of her future projections

“I am building a lot for 2023 and onward. This year is going to be big! One thing that I can say is I am definitely looking forward to continued collaborations with African renowned designer Dhabri-Khenchy.

I was recently at his show at Baltimore Runway International show and to say the least I fell in love again with Africa and their prints, I love my Arica's outfits by Dhabri-Khenchy and many cherished it

I can also tell you that there are many many exciting projects I’m working on that I can’t reveal yet. So stay tuned, there is always more to come!” Goddessiman stated

On a lighter mood, we asked her how she unwinds?

" Ooh definitely traveling! I want to be able to do it more and finally get a chance to travel outside of the US. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of experiencing different cultures and ways of living. When I travel somewhere new I want to go to the local places versus the tourist spots. 

" It is so much I love about it. The scenery, culture, arts, music, food, and wildlife.

"That’s another thing I love nature with a passion. Going on walks, hiking, bird watching, and meditating outside; is my bread and butter. Being able to ground and reconnect with myself after being busy in the hustle and bustle is so important to me. 

" I have so many hobbies I cycle through like yoga, bike riding, sky diving, visiting museums, photography, and interior design.

Of course, I have a lot of artistic hobbies. I love reading. I mainly go back and forth between self-help books and Afrofuturistic / sci-fi books. Dance, poetry writing, and creating music are big loves of mine. Also painting and sketch when I have the time"

What a most passionate lady, indeed the youths of today can in no small way learn from her and be passionate in all they do

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