Special BrandFocus....Enter the Basic Facts About New Mtn 5G

• The wonder of NTN 5G is coming...Are you ready?

Last week, we had the privileged to be a special guest at the Techlife grand event at Sheraton hotel

There  we met top officials of Africa's leading network brand NTN, they took me into detail of the new 5G


•Access to super-fast browsing. MTN Broadband 5G Router offers faster speed and performance than 3G & 4G.

•Connecting multiple devices (up to 32) to the Router.

•Superior streaming, gaming, data download, and uploads. Online games and videos are faster, smoother, and more realistic.

•Wide Wi-Fi connection range.

•100GB data bonus on activation.

…be among the first to enjoy a new world of endless possibilities with 5G backed with hyper fast speed, zero lag and multiple connections

The World industry leaders Magazine team was assured 

" 5G will change how you experience life & internet

Get ready for the incredible

W.I.L Magazine publisher, Mike Cerutti Osagie getting few lectures about the new MTN5G from a salesman 

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