Special Report : Sheraton Hotel Lagos Celebrates World House Keeping Day in Grandeur Style

  " For cleanliness is next to Godliness "

The 2022 international housekeeping week which took place from 11th September to 17th September may have come and gone, but the memories will no doubt linger for a long time to come

Here in Nigeria, front line hotel, Sheraton Hotel & towers celebrated it in grand style with a display of a big classy Queen's size bed just by their lobby for all to appreciate the housekeepers that see that guest always live in comfort

This is not doubt highly commendable in view of the fact that not many people think about housekeepers when they enter a hotel or suits to lodge. 

However, housekeeping as a job can be a lot of work with little to no reward. Because most people don’t realize the hard work involved in housekeeping, that’s why 

World industry leaders Magazine findings shows that  Housekeepers Week exists to give people the opportunity to thank housekeepers for their efforts in keeping everything tidy and safe for people to be in. Read more to learn about the history of Housekeeping Week and how you can celebrate it.

History of Housekeepers Week

Housekeepers Week is about showing appreciation of housekeepers for their hard work. Since 1981, the IHEA, or the Integrated Environment and Health Assessment, officially sponsors the holiday and since then, it has spread globally as a week-long celebration for those who work in housekeeping. Any building operation such as hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other official buildings all function under the long hours and efforts of housekeeping. If housekeepers did not exist, diseases would spread and productivity would decline.

 However, in everyday life, housekeeping is a job that isn’t appreciated as much as it should because of the grittiness of the job, the lack of pay, and the lack of glamour attached to it.

Housekeeping as a profession can be appreciated because of the hard work each person in that profession does is important; hence last week Sheraton Hotel Lagos appreciated her housekeepers and had few friends, hotel lovers and business associates to celebrate with them ,

among whom was the Cerutti  Media, publishers of the World industry leaders online magazine... A most memorable week no doubt.

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