Quintessential Tee Mac Speaks Passionately on His Calling ... Says " : I am not a Jazz flutist. I am a classical trained Flutist and double in Pop, Afro Beat and sometimes into Jazz"


'Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise"- Danzel Washington

The revered advance Oxford dictionary defines the word quintessential as * A person or thing  epresenting the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class...a brand  —strong, silent, and self-contained

Such can in no small way be the apt way to describe Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli (MFR) the top  Nigerian flutist with cross-cultural Itsekiri and Swiss roots, whom we recently caught up with after a long while to tell us about his works & few of his career philosophies; enjoy the World Industry Leaders Magazine presentation

Q: Please Tell us about your last performance at GAMA awards in Civic center

A: It was not an actual performances,  it was a presentation of my last instrument just recorded. The place was a bit noisy and people did not pay much attention to me playing my flute. That's why I only perform concerts where people sit down and quietly listen to me and my band.

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* What in the first place led you to be jazz / flutist

Q: I am not a Jazz flutist. I am a classical trained Flutist and double in Pop, Afro Beat and sometimes into Jazz. I like playing Jazz because of the possibilities and freedom given in Jazz to improvise.

* How can we get more Nigerians to appreciate flute & jazz music& Is this brand of music for the super rich only?

A: Unfortunately there is hardly music education in our school system so the majority of Nigerians know noting about music. So any Dick, Tom and Harry can come with some cheap ''Beats', rap some meaningless lyrics onto it and the majority will accept that as music. When you grow up in the USA, Europe or Chine music is an important subject in school so they are used to the system of , Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. Jazz is appreciated all around the world by people who love ''Good'' music.

* How often and where can flute fans watch you play regularly

A: At my age I only perform concerts and mostly abroad. I don't perform for parties and night clubs.

I always advertise when a show comes up.

* Finally ..you have been making lots of political talks of late.Tell us your one advice for Nigeria come 2023

A: I am not a Politian and I do not talk politics. One private FB message taken out and put onto the Internet doesn't  make me a political person. I just pray that everybody has his voting card and will vote wisely. We need a leadership which will help us to make Nigeria great again (quoting Donald Trump). 

~ That is the quintessential Tee Mac for you today ; enjoy the music while it lasts

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