Hajia Bola Muse, a business Monument & philantropist Speaks To You on the virtue's of TRUE Leader ( Part1)

"Leadership is about showing the light by  unlocking people's potential to become thier best'- Obarisi Dr Clarkson De Majomi

The name Hajia Bola Muse needs little or no instructions before taking her place in the business, social and humanitarian segment of life today

For starters, Hajia Bola Muse Is the cute President of Women in Maritime Africa, Nigeria(WIMAFRICA) which is  an institutional framework for capacity building, cooperation and entrepreneurship development of women in the maritime sector.

She is also  the Chief Executive Officer of Boramah Group, also  serving  as the Treasurer of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and Governor of Women in ANLCA.

Only last night at the 2022 Rainbow Enterpreneurship conference & Exhibition she delivered a most thought provoking speech of the place of a true leader in day to day life and business

The Cerutti Media Group and her subsidiary platform, World Industry Leaders Magazine which was at the Golden gate event live , will be serializing her Leadership tips for the benefit of all , enjoy the top leadership tips


' To me,if you ask me who is a true leader, I will quickly tell you that a good LEADER is one who takes the lead

" Such person must have the personality, courage, clear vision with the ambition to succeed and encourages the team to perform to thier optimum at all times and drives organizational success

" Such true leader must be someone who brings peolpe together to get things done and do not rely on having power over others,but on gaining other people's genuine trust by building it people, facilitating collaboration and bringing everyone together as a team to reach a comom goal" was her Frank viewpoint

• More on the business merchant Hajia Bola Muse shortly

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