Churchil Onuigwe Commends Peter Obi For Describing Nigerians Affairs..." As Driven By Vehicles Drivers Rather Than Professional Pilots"

 A Nigerian born business man and international Affairs commentator Domiciled in South Africa, Chief Churchil Onuigwe last night commended  the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, for his boldness in describing  Nigeria’s affairs as  being piloted by ‘vehicle drivers’ instead of professional and certified pilots.

The former Anambra governor stated this during a massive youth council event held in Abuja this week.

"I regard Obi dearly to confess that Nigeria  have consistently hired vehicle drivers instead of hiring qualified pilots to pilot Nigeria affairs,” 

Obi has said openly that , his  commitment is to let  2023 election campaign dwell on challenges in the country. There are a lot of problems besieging this country.

“This country will soon default on its debt servicing. This is what should be preoccupying us now. Universities have shut down and we are talking about who we’ll vote for. Let’s deal with the issues" Chief Churchil Onuigwe stated

“This election will not be based on ‘my turn’, ethnicity, and religion. It will be based on a Nigerian agenda to save this Nigeria. Nigeria is in a coma, and it needs a specialist, and that is why Obi offering to serve so I am appealing to people to vote to save Nigeria, and to save Nigeria is to hire the best.” 

He added that the primitive considerations by Nigerians during the electoral cycle had led Nigeria to the current quagmire, adding that 2023 should be the time Nigerians must elect a capable candidate to pilot the country’s affairs.

Chief Churchill stated that  “Nigeria is in a coma and needs an expert to save it and Obi is the man for the big job 

"I am appealing to Nigerians to vote for Obi  as the best man for the job and not because of primitive consideration or tribe ,  I want Nigerians to vote for Obi  based on competence and what he  can offer.”

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Chief Churchil Onuigwe added that he weeps anytime he sees Peter obi analysing the many problems of Nigeria and the pragmatic to emancipate us"

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