New Jersey USA Set To Awake......As Afro-Denim Fashion Show Model Casting Call by Super Designer Dhabri-Khenchy Holds .


It is here at last...and come tomorrow May  29 2022; history in the intercontinental fashion world will be made when the much anticipated  Afro-Denim Fashion Show Model Casting Call by Award winning African Designer Dhabri-Khenchy takes place tomorrow in Orange, New.Jersey USA

Expected to be Open for both  Male ,Female  and Up and comming models aspirering to build their Modelling portfolio.

It has been tagged the mother of all talent hunt's and the grand event is expected to hold at the imposing  Odabro Lounge: 132 .S.Essex Ave .Orange NJ.

Time;   4pm prompt with the strict DressCode fixed for All black, and all the  Female are expected to  Come with heels( For inquiries please call  +1 (862)253 9856)

And speaking to World Industry Leaders Magazine  from his USA base last night, the multiple  lAward winning African Designer Dhabri-Khenchy who is the force behind the historic event gave all praises to God

Hear him : " I came from humble background in far Eastern town of NIGERIA , Imo 

" I wanted to rule my world, I left Imo for Lagos ,I was highly underated but I refused to quit ..through the aid of few good souls like international publicist Mike Cerutti I met few designers in Lagos,some loved my raw talents..few hated my guts and ambitious drive but God saw me through

" It was from lagos I moved to South Africa ,did many shows and I arrived USA, not as pauper but one who knows my game

" Today I am now teaching Americans and people in far Eastern Asia how to design, catwalk and take a career in the fashion world,I give God the Glory and I assure all of a great outing tomorrow May 29" he posited from his American base..




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