Meet Liberian Born USA based .Junda Morris ....the Style Merchant & Seriel Humanitarian Uncovered

"Whatever you do for the poor and needy will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”-  Mahatma Gandhi, Indian nationalist and civil rights leader

She means different  things to different people.. humanitarian, style merchant, entrepreneurs, Global brand ambassador and influencer Junda Morris 

For starters, she  is the foremost   PAN AFRICAN lady from Liberia whose  mission and vision is to connect Africa through the medium of Fashion, Art and Music.

Her  brand  Runway International Shows franchise RUNWAY SIERRA LEONE  INTERNATIONAL has been making waves for years now . Also her  event had been on for 6 years now with Brand name Runway Liberia International

Only recently she granted an interview in New York City and she described Sierra Leone  as the hottest and trendiest Fashion destination in Africa.

She often speaks for  the West African Nation and posited that Africa and the rest of the world must come  and  explore Sierra Leone.

Learn the history of the original African Fashion Statement birthed in Sierra Leone "KABASLOT"

Aside promoting essence of Sierra Leone Junda Moris is also a deep humanitarian 


She told World Industry Leaders Magazine how 

Things always come back full circle for any good we do in life

In her words " About seven  years ago I hosted an event, never made any profit but God blessed me to be able to donate $2500 U.S. to a  worthy cause that was so dear to my heart. 

' I raised and donated $2500 to the organization #ClothThatWorks -  This organization provides clothes to battered women who lost everything and need clothing for job interview.

"Some people asked the question "Does she even make money from what she does?" Understand one thing about me today, it is not about money but it's about the passion and drive that God has given me.

' I am different and my #Star shines different. I do what I do so the universe can bless me that humans but God 

"Thanks again to everyone who.has supported me over the Years that has enabled me to make an impact in others lives.

"Thank you God for using me and I pledged to  continue to be your humble servant"

That is the style merchant and humanitarian called Junda Moris for you , whom her friend and close confidant, New Jersey City based international fashion designer Dhabri Khenchy described in superlatives

" I know her worth..she's is heavy humanitarian and queen of run way with heart of gold; today as ever I wish her all the best " the Uwenjah show CEO stated

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