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I have always been fascinated by the story of the very consistent milk  brand called Peak

Growing up, my late dad was a very strong tea lover who lived on such habit all his life and never for once joked with the brand ,Peak milk ,it is amazing how this product have stood the long test of time

Today,from conventional milk , they have moved to the production of yoghurt milk drink 

Indeed, the versatility of yoghurt is perhaps why it remains a favourite for many Nigerians who like to blend different tastes together to produce a uniquely different one. Breakfast time finds many Nigerians drinking a glass or pet carton of yoghurt along with their morning meal.

• New invention

 As people of deep and elaborate tastes, we are always open to new beverage brands, and with yoghurt, there is always the chance to explore a fresh twist to the  beloved dairy. 

And that perhaps is what must have inspired   WAMCO, the makers of Peak Milk to come to town with the  Peak Yoghurt.

At the most elaborate and Nigeria's most prestigious brands & Marketing communication Awards last Friday organized by *Brandcomawards, I was privileged to be invited to have a taste and feel of the Peak Yoghurt... And what a great experience I felt sipping the premium product which is a relatively new brand  in the market.

• Peak & Her Story of Consistency

 For over 60 years, Peak has dominated the Breakfast table of Nigerians with nutritious dairy offerings in various pack sizes and formats mainly liquid (evaporated), powder (IMP) and now the ready-to-drink Yoghurt that comes in different exciting flavours.

 In early 2019, Peak Yoghurt was introduced into the Nigerian dairy market, in some selected cities as the pilot market with little or no marketing support aside product sampling in selected retail stores.

 Despite minimal marketing efforts, the feedback received from consumers based on the sampling activations was largely positive and provided evidence for good results for the medium size pack (318ml) and the large pack size (1 Litre).

 In December 2019, a third pack size (100ml) was introduced to meet the nutritional needs of school-age students in primary and secondary schools. The attention paid to making nutrient-filled yoghurts with the accessible commercial appeal is something that many Nigerians might not notice, but find themselves inevitably drawn to.

 It is indeed worthy to note that as against some other yoghurt products that have focused disproportionately on taste with little regard to the nutritional benefits their products can provide, FrieslandCampina producers of Peak Yoghurt  is steadily driving a culture of eating healthy and richly. 

With the great taste, different flavours and amazing health benefits, what’s not to love? There is no questioning the fact that Nigerians love their yoghurt, and even more their Peak Yoghurt! 

~ The Peak Yoghurt is available nationwide and comes in three different flavours,all of which are  made from fresh cow milk,  enriched with vitamins and minerals. The pleasant Plain Sweetened flavour is packaged in Tetrapk for your nutrition and satisfaction!

No doubt, a pretty brand worthy of being of taking a look at twice!

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