Nigerian Youths Not Lazy..... Global Early Childhood Educational Consultant, Amara Nwosu aka ABN Speaks on the Way Forward For Nigeria's Youths

A big  stage conference speaker, early childhood educational consultant and the President, Dorcas Generational initiative YLG  ( NGO) in person of  Amara Blessing Nwosu aka ABN last night defended stoutly the strength and resilience of Nigerian youths; insisting that they are not lazy

Speaking in an exclusive interview with World  Industry leaders Magazine ( W.I.L) from her USA base ,ABN was most emphatic

" I have travelled far and wide and can tell you that the average Nigerian youths are not lady,they crave for success. Detest poverty and are ready to work hard to make a legitimate living

" But that aside, we still have a few with not so  encouraging story to tell,they  are the ones giving our country a bad name globally 

" My words of advice to them is basically..simple, they should endeavor to be morally strong. 


" They must Stop falling for con men and women who use religion to dehumanize them at early stage of their lives and stop buying everything they sell to them  because they do not speak the truth of God’s holy word"

On the political campaign front,  she was most emphatic... " The future of our County's hand of youths, so don't sell your votes for money; stop taking bags of rice from and campaigning for corrupt politicians who do not care about you. 

"And I tell you ,until Nigerians become morally strong, until our so called activists stop speaking for their pockets, nothing will change in our land.....we will be running in long circle in search of emancipation" was her Frank viewpoint

• Amara Nwosu: A Brief Profile

ABN, as she is fondly called by her teeming fans, is an early childhood education specialist, an author with three books to her credit, a certified International Protocol and Corporate Etiquette Consultant (Protocol School of Washington, USA), and a transformational life coach, who has passionately assisted millions of people all over the world with their interpersonal relationships. She is an ordained preacher and motivational speaker who has remained strong in the face of many adversities. ‘Fear’ and ‘Impossibility’ are two words that do not exist in ABN’s dictionary. Many all over the world daily draw inspiration from her life. *Advertisements*

Amara Blessing Nwosu holds a Child Development Associate, Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counseling, Bachelor’s degree in Curriculum Education from University of Lagos, and Master’s degree in communication with emphasis in Educational leadership, from Grand Canyon University, Arizona, USA.

Through Dorcas Generation Initiative, Amara has dedicated her life to helping refugee widows, widows in rural communities of Africa and their fatherless children. She has given scholarships, soft loans, boreholes, food, and shelter to many through this organization. 

Amara resides in the USA with her husband and four adult children.

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