The Story Of Sam Eto'O : The Legendary Footballer turned Philanthropist ,now honoured in Forbes Top 100 influential African Shortlist

 By Mike Cerutti Osagie

” Our goal is to protect children, young people, providing them with emergency aid, encourage education,basic health etc"

This is the words of Africa's legend, Sam Eto ' O Foundation President who keeps spending his millions on charity, long after calling it quit with the beautiful game 

In fact, this how far the legend and philanthropist is willing to go as to help mankind, and the result has paid off

And just last week ,in the grand  year 2020 Forbes magazine influential Africans classification is Cameroon’s football legend samuel Eto’o Fils who remains a force to reckon with in the world of football.


To be listed in such high brow magazine is not a joke,for in this special edition is a combination that  goes beyond the normal suspects of politicians,business tycoons, musicians– to those who made the year a better one with their ideas and actions.

Africa which has been known for its deserted nature by most of the world have proven itself worth celebrating with the likes of Aliko Dangote, Akere Muna, John Magufuli Samuel Eto’o etc.

They have proven that they are brave and productive. They are inventors,business tycoons, professionals etc.

It is in this light that Forbes have taken it self to celebrate icons in Africa a project which dates back in 2011.


In this years celebration is a prominent Cameroonian Football legend and president of the philanthropic Foundation Samuel Eto’o Fils.He is indeed a force to reckon with in Africa especially in the world of Football and philanthropic activities.

Born in Nkon Cameroon, This  legend has made a name for himself, Cameroon,Africa and the World in soccer.

In 2013 he was recognized by Forbes as the richest foreign footballer in the leagues history earning.this was due to his status as the richest player in the world after his two years deal with Anzhi in Russia. Though this contract slowed his game but it boosted his wallet.

A French publication rated his networth based on his career and assets to be $140million.

The 40 years old legend who played football for 22 years 1997__ 2019 is one of the decorated footballer in Africa.

He played for 13 clubs and the national team.

He was named African Player of the year in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Though retired in Football, the legend still continues to support the growth of football in Cameroon, Africa and the world due to his sports scholarship programs and philanthropic deeds

Today, World industry leaders magazine  greets Eto 'O on this rare listing and to spur him on not to quit  supporting charity with his time and resources

© Chief Osagie is the Publisher @ World industry leaders magazine & also current Africa's most outstanding humanitarian writer

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