History Made....As Rosatom Launches Atoms for Humanity Global Nuclear Awareness Campaign

The Atoms for Humanity Global Nuclear Awareness Campaign was successfully launched last weekend  by Rosatom.

 The main purpose of this strategic campaign is to awareness about the social, economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy

In a statement, the world leading nuclear agency stated that, “in order to power a better future, we need a clean and reliable source of energy, just like nuclear. However, modern nuclear technology is much more than green electricity. It is a versatile tool needed to solve the most urgent challenges of today and tomorrow. It is indispensable to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Unfortunately, many people around the world see nuclear as yet another source of electricity.”

Emboldened by the desire to rectify this injustice Rosatom is launching  Atoms for Humanity, a unique nuclear awareness initiative. Rosatom believes that it is right time to put a human touch at the center of the nuclear debate. 

The Atoms for Humanity is a unique collection of stories capturing ordinary people from all over the world sharing how nuclear transforms their lives and helps fulfil dreams, both big and small. This important launch event, Why Humanity Needs Nuclear, took  place last week Friday , 30 April. 

Kristy Gogan, an internationally sought-after expert with over 15 years in advising the government on climate and energy, will host the discussion. Other speakers include Rosatom and World Nuclear Association executives, environmental experts, and heroes of Atoms for Humanity documentaries.

The event will focus on the social, economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy with invaluable insights from accomplished experts. The discussion will also feature first-hand accounts of people, who directly benefitted from nuclear technologies. The event can be seen at atomsforhumanity.com


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