Set For Release @ Last : The Untold Story Of Abiola & June 12,1993 Elections ,by Abimbola Aboderin

In the words of the globally revered brand and former South Africa's freedom fighter and anti apartheid hero, Sir Nelson Mandela " Our youths of today must be tutored on the essential of documentation. For me, documentation has always been key, and I've kept everything from my past,it is vital part of life"

This quote no doubt sums up the major reason why a prominent businessman, Philantropist and creative thinker, Chief Abimbola Aboderin who has just came  out with a  robust never before seen book on the late MKO Abiola 


Chief Aboderin, who was a very close ally to the late billionaire tycoon, Abiola ,the presumed winner of the June 12,1993 presidential elections, rewarded as the fairest polls ever held in Nigeria, only last week spoke to World industry leaders magazine in Lagos as regards the inspiration behind his new book

In his words " Let me quickly state for history's sake that the new book tagged • Democracy & The untold story of June 12 is not a book written to praise or castigate anyone

" It is simply a book that contains full details and facts of all what transpired before, during and after the historical June 12,1993 presidential elections, I felt having seen the inside and outside incidents, the entire world deserve to know the gospel Truth and nothing but the truth 

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" A very strong desire I nurse after finishing the book, is to make it a point of duty to push and preach hard that what happened with June 12 is a pathetic situation that we must fight for it not to occur again in our Beloved country, Nigeria

" It is also my great desire that students of history and political science both present and future will find this book very useful and pragmatic because I still find it difficult to believe that heroes' and heroine's like Mko Abiola,Kudirat Abiola  & Yar' Adua etc would end up the way they did " the amiable chief Aboderin stated 

Meanwhile, we can reveal authoritatively that the massive 290 page book is most likely going to be launch in a most grandeur style this year,possibly on June 12,2021

• Stay tuned on this platform for regular updates; books facts and all you need to know about the true story of June 12 1993 election

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