Life Tips Today : Dr Bishop Nwokeji, South African Nigerian Top Clergyman Tells You 5 Ways To Make Your Dreams Work for You

 He is highly versed in his calling

He is a teacher, business advisor, mentor and a Bishop based in Cape  Town , South Africa

He is non other than   Dr Bishop Justin Nwokeji Jnr of Fingers of God ministries international

And in this first of its kind leadership tips, he tells World industry leaders magazine 5 ways people can make their dreams work for them

His words " Action speaks Best 

than daydreaming, action and faith is best mix,this is how to make your dreams work for you


• Identify the dream

• For for it with all focus

• Work tirelessly for it

• Don't ever give up or fail in days of adversities &

• Finally put all your trust in God, make Him your best partner "

~ That is Dr Nwokeji jnr for you till next time

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