Fecha Project Sets To Showcase Edo Rich Cultural Heritage


Is Edo State Truly Africa's Most Richly Blessed & Most Popular?

Asks Mike Cerutti Osagie
(The Ekpen of Ujeme)

" Why we are promoting Edo Culture "- by Fecha CEO


The place of rich cultural celebration and recognition in today's Africa's scene is not something to be  toyed with

But most unfortunately, while many youths and the aged in the Continent's of Africa are down playing their rich cultural heritage and embracing foreign mights, the rich cultural heritage of Edo state Nigeria is still forging on

And to this end,plans have reached an advanced state to stage a first of it's  kind Edo cultural heritage award night and beauty / brain beauty pageant to select a worthy Edo Queen

According to the organisers,of the historic event led by Prince Alex Friday Eguakhide  the CEO & founder of Fecha Project limited, the advantages of celebrating one's culture are  very enormous

Speaking to the world industry leaders international magazine he stated that today, the world is fast becoming a global village, with many countries enjoying a multicultural environment.

" With this factor, you will agree with me that  Understanding different cultures is not only critical, but it also promotes ample coexistence.

"As we learn about diverse cultures, it is worth noting that all of us are individuals. Rather than generalizing, we should treat each other as individuals. This will go a long way in creating a better environment where we can all thrive.

" Our goal at Fecha Project is to reawaken the power and mighty nature of Edo cultural heritage and award discerning individuals and corporate organization that have collectively supported the state to continually being tagged " Heart beat state "

* For more details of the event, sponsorship and participation kindly visit https://edoculturalheritage.ng/honour-award/


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