A Call To Take Care Of Widows...." Our Outreach has no political Undertone " - Says Felix King Foundation President

As the grand registration for the first Felix king Foundation widows emancipation program of the year gradually nears its January 31 st deadline, young and old widows across the Country have been reminded not to miss this rare empowerment opportunity in training on garments and sowing machine provision

The industrialist and founder of the Felix king Foundation, Dr Felix  Eiremiokhae

stated that the burden being carried by the average widow in Africa is very heavy hence this new opportunity in providing machines and other start off grant for them

He assured all and sundry that his outreach has no political undertone ,adding that he and his wife started the support for widows emancipation because of the burden many face today 


" This dream   started, with the support of my wife , Aderonke, to help one widow who’s story was so heart melting grew into a foundation, committed to help widows and female entrepreneurs with seed funding ,training and mentorship.

"With the “Goal 36,000 women by 2029”, the Felix king Market Moni  initiative and The startups Africa project are projected to be the biggest market support grant platform for  widows and active disadvantaged rural women , and the most sort after hub for female entrepreneurs in tech start-up and small business in Africa respectively. 

"Today, over 4,000 women live their better life story, and we are determined to reach and impact 36,000 women by 2029.

"The Foundation is inspired and propelled by message of love, faith, and hope as propagated by the life and teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ"


Funding by the Felix King foundation has been solely provided by Felix King through contributions done by his companies (Oracle Experience limited and Mabisco). From January  2019, the foundation will open an online volunteers and activist network that will offer flexible action opportunities for people to participate and improve the lives of women and children.

Our Operations Module

Felix King Foundation is an operating foundation and does not give grant to other charitable organizations.

Funds are spent directly on projects that will better the lives of disadvantaged widows and that of their children

These programs are; The Market Moni for widows and rural women, The Startups Africa for female entrepreneurs, widows in farming (WIFARM) grant, skill acquisition, Educational scholarships, social welfare ( food), medical support.

Guiding principles


Let’s do this together

Every woman deserves the right to succeed.

Succeeding as a woman in Africa is not easy. Women had to work twice as hard to succeed . – AND IT SHOULD NOT BE SO!

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