2021 Fresh Year Inspirational Classic :Amb. Mercy Ifeanyi Daniel-David Ukah , woman with Record Two NGOs Speaks Passionately On Her Vision & Message of Hope To Today's Youths

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

The revered  Colin R. Davis once stated that  "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same."

Now, Still basking in the euphoria of her recently celebrated historical landmark birthday, the Founder/President of a record two NGO bodies,  WCF INTL & M-YAN last night spoke on her vision for our people and her tips to success for our youths

The multiple talented charitable advocate spoke to us exclusively last week

• Her words of Hope..

First let me appreciate God for our lifes and his faithfulness towards every Nigerian out there as we kick off the new year 2021 in peace and love may we all live to see the end of this new year and may we all recieve the blessings and protection from the great king our creator himself...

My message for Nigerians this year 2021 is going to be very straight and simply clear as we start this year by his grace I urge every one of us Nigerians living at  home and  abroad to be very prayerful and close to our creator this year, we have to seek God in utmost good faith and understanding as we plead for mercy,forgiveness of sins and healing from any past evil and issues that may hinder us his blessings and favour 

Let us live by faith, grace and tolerance amongst ourselves no matter the status and  roles we play as individuals we need peace,love,  grace

forgiveness and focus to strive through this year 

We all have to tread carefully as regards keeping the COVID-19 guidelines and rules of keeping socio distancing and wearing regularly our nose mask and keeping clean our selves and environment as we keep daily hygiene and follow trending positive news and daily happening around us and the world at large .

As great and good citizens of our great nation Nigeria  we must be patriotic,loyal and humble to our leaders while our leaders in return must be transparent and sincere to the people"

•   On the secret of her success that today's youths can learn from she was most emphatic when she opined:  "well for me Success is when the next person around you is peaceful and satisfied with you and the environment,  success is a relative situation or happening one man's success story may be another man's  tale of sorrow  in essence my own way of defining success is when every human is happy and appreciated with great love,and peace from the way we serve others and play impacting roles towards the wellbeing of one another, success is the show of love, care, kindness and humanity to other people, when those in tight situation can be reached out to and aided to live a better life for their own enhancement, existence and to their others too.

"My secret to success is seen in my reach out to humanity and the successful response I get from touching and impacting others with the little grace I have from God as a humanitarian and socio worker, the greatest secret I have to achieving my goals and aims in life is Gods love and the relationship i share with God, i love God and his teachings and i find great success when i follow his ways and keep his rules and doctrines to love my neighbour's as myself and have a heart of forgiveness and giving to the needy.

"Doing this persistently and also finding gratification in God have increased my life and grace to achieve other things as we seek first the kingdom of God so that every other things shall be added unto us, persistence and perseverance have led me through difficult moments that God have turned into opportunities and success stories for me, my passion to always give a helping hand has been my greatest secret to success...

Because the best time you can reach out and touch life  is when you give helping hands to someone or people who your sure can never be able to pay you back with this actions and doings am sure that my work of charity, humanity and kindness reaches heaven and comes back with great blessings and reward ...

We.must keep doing good and helping one another the best way to make the world a better place.


She went spiritual and told World industry leaders international magazine that " In life, Man proposes while God disposes we don't know what the future holds just like we all planned for the year 2020 with all great things and heart desires but the will of God took over and redirected our plans  hence my goals,and heart desires this year is orchestrated by God already but by his grace I shall work under his guide and control to achieve every single work of charity and humanity that my heart by his grace order me to do also with my personal businesses and other channels of interest and productivity .

"This year 2021 by Gods grace shall be a better year for us all but we must be focussed, dedicated,disciplined, truthful and humble in all we do in life and I want to use this vital medium to  wish  Everyone  a happy new year and a fruitful year 2021"

That is   Amb. Mercy Ifeanyi Daniel-David Ukah ( Nee Nwachukwu).( FCIML)Founder/President 2 NGOs  WCF INTL & M-YAN -  for you!

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