Of Aviation Minister , Hadi Sirika & His Addiction To Polo " the Game of Kings"


By Mike Cerutti Osagie

The enchanting game of Polo has over the years  been described as the game of Kings!

All over the world the game is usually played by the elites of the society, and once, the famous polo lover Prince Charles of England admitted that “A horse is like a violin, first it must be tuned, and when tuned it must be accurately played”

Here in Nigeria it is not a different story; the game has consistently been followed  played, sponsored and followed by many  top Government officials, captains of industries and elitist in the society

One of such elites is Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation,  the charismatic      Sen. Sirika Hadi who is a former Member House of Representative, and assumed the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2011, where he represents Katsina North Senatorial District under the platform of Congress for Progressive Change. Sirika held the position of (Vice-Chairman) of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Committee set by the Nigerian Senate.

As a former pilot, Sirika was a member of the Senate Committee on Aviation. He bares his mind, undisguised, about how not to own a private aircraft through corrupt means. He also spoke about other issues bordering on piloting and the Aviation sect; it was not a surprise to many that the Buhari led Government appointed him the Aviation Minister

It is amazing that despite being made a MINISTER, Hadi’s love and knack for the game of POLO has not waned, he was recently spotted enjoying himself at the prestigious Kaduna polo tournament, where his team Rubicon Polo Team lost in the final to El-Amin

Not many know that Sirika is one of Nigeria's biggest polo patrons. He owns the Rubicon Polo Team which has its players including Sirika always participating in high handicap tournaments in the Country and Africa as a whole country.  

A top  member of Lagos Polo Club, Kaduna polo club among several others and an ambassador of the Federation of International Polo to Nigeria, responsible for promoting polo in Nigeria; he had  started riding horses back in Katsina as a very young boy  and later learnt how to play real polo in Lagos. 

Today he is a high handicap player and has vowed to keep playing the game till the rest of his life- so if you think he will reduce his love and knack for the game of Kings just because he's top Government official; you may have to do another rethink

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