The Philantropic Pedigree of The Billionaire Femi Otedola uncovered ....And Appeal To Him To Save 22 Years Kidney Failure Infected Peace Isitua

 Meet The Relentless Billionaire called Femi Otedola

¶ His philantropic pedigrees exposed..He can save Isitua today!

Save A Life Campaign™

By Chief Osagie Mike De Cerutti

( Africa's most outstanding Humanitarian Writer 2020)

22 Years old Peace Isitua badly needs your help with #10 million To save her life via critical kidney Transplant

• Last night, Cerutti Humanitarian unit spoke at length with the mother of the sick girl, in person of Mrs Eucharia Isitua, and she lamented that the situation is ' Red' critical and their savings has almost dried down

Knowing that most Nigerians are going through recession, I told her  we will make appeal to few super rich Nigerians.. With heart of gold

Who are they? We present them today...with a click of hand they can save Isitua with just #10 M

#1 Otedola ...a great philantropic mortal, this man is capable of saving Isitua once this message can reach him

* Enter Billionaire Otedola philantropic pederee


Otedola is one of Africa's greatest Philanthropist alive who  has made several donations to the Michael Otedola University Scholarship Scheme, which was established in 1985 to give underprivileged students in Lagos State access to higher education

For instance  In 2005 Zenon donated N200 million to the scheme's fund.Since its inception the scheme has benefited more than 1,000 students.[

In 2005, Otedola made a N300 million personal donation to the completion of the National Ecumenical Centre—Nigeria's primary place of Christian worship—in Abuja.

In 2007 he was among a group of donors who gave N200 million to the State Security Trust Fund in a drive to reduce crime in Lagos State.

Later that year he donated N100 million to the Otedola College of Primary Education in Noforija, Epe.In 2008 he donated N80 million to the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Port Harcourt.

Femi Otedola fulfilled his pledge of 25,000 dollars to the Super Eagles in the match against Algeria in the 2019 AFCON, he has also saved lives of several sportsmen, movies stars and pensioners nationwide

• Otedola can save Isitua today,but....

#Lets Collectively unite to help this young stunning Girl be whole again

• She can bounce back; resume school & continue her good life if we all contribute our token before we approach few super rich class

• Let we on the rise today pay in our token to save her...

Name: Eucharia Isitua

Account Number:2110743345

Zenith Bank

Contact: 07030568306, 08148477324.

~ If further details is needed, pls contact straight, Cerutti Media Humanitarian units or World Industry Leaders Magazine


Or on WhatsApp + 234 7042631895

" If we can't save 100 souls; let's save just 1"- Mother Theresa's passionate plea


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