Renown Businesswoman cum Theologist, Cassandra Martina Speaks On The Power Of Making Good Wealth..... & Then Sustaining It !

 Simply amazing !

Or how else can one describes a situation where a brief audience session  to feed our mammoth readers on the waves making Cassandra notebook for future leaders, was initially aimed at touching base on her impeccable dress sense ,will suddenly catapult to speaking about the author & finisher of the earth : God

For sure, that's how our story this week goes... We had wanted to know why she ( Cassandra Martina ) often goes out of her way to look smartly dressed all year round and the benefit of such for the youths of today ,most of whom fail to purposely invest on their daily grooming

But alas, she decided to speak on the topic : TRUE Power to make and sustains wealth is from God

And elaborating on this topic , the highly charitable and deep woman of God was in her element, when she posited thus

" Many today globally believe is their hard work, educational degrees or political connections that can bring them good and big wealth

" But today, I come to tell you that it is not about all those hardworking traits, if it was the labourers, bricklayers etc will be the richest, those with plum degrees and masters etc will be the richest in the society

" But I tell you,real wealth; sweet wealth is from God our creator who gives power to not only make wealth, but sustains wealth.. For how many have made big good money in life, but not blessed with power to sustain it,wasted it all and are today relics ( ex champions, former millionaires etc)

" So let the youths know today that it God, and God alone who gives the power to make and sustains wealth

" So I implore today's youths to take their relationship and service to God seriously and flee from craze for overnight success which often leads them to join the evil world of rituals, cultism, advance fee business ie yahoo yahoo and corruption's, all in a bid to hit the big time or fast lane life

" Why hard work is good, while education is vital, these are not genuine guarantee of successful life, the and greatest guarantee is total reliance on God who gives the power to make and sustains wealth " was her frank viewpoints in a long series's chat with us

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