Globally Respected Man Of God, Adeboye speaks to you on Monday ....Be Armed with Good Etiquettes

" Respect.. Begets Respect "

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

The highly revered advanced Oxford dictionary described Etiquette as * The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Now in this new week inspiration post by World Leader's international online magazine, globally respected big stage speaker & RCCG worldwide leader, PST Enoch Adejare Adeboye speaks to you on power of good etiquette

In a position paper made available  to us,the highly gift speaker, writer,and humanity tells you rare things on good etiquette

In his words 

" Etiquette makes you leaves his trademarks wherever he goes because it teaches you the way to eat,talk ,walk and most importantly how to behave well in the society- for a world of first impression cannot be compromised" 

His few advice on etiquette for you by him 

• Always return money that you borrowed even before the person remembers to ask you for it

• Do your best not to call anyone more than twice at a stretch, if they don't pick, you must presume they are very busy with other more important things 

• When a guest invite you to their homes or for dinner outside; always be modest and considerable not to be ordering very expensive things on the menu - never take people for a ride

• When you take a taxi with a friend or when going out, don't be in habit of letting him or she pays all the time, you must also endeavour to pay next time 

• When someone is showing you a photo on their phone,be considerate and not be swiping left or right for what you not asked to do 

• Do not be in habit of indulging in other people's matter that you not invited to deliberate on ( that's been a busy body )

~ Indeed good etiquette breeds good and Godly behaviors and we must try and take heed of these vital tips from PST Enoch Adeboye...till next time, have a splendid week ahead

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