Charity Today : Front line NGO Advocate, Esther Ogwu Celebrates Her Historic Birthday in a Most Selfless Ambiance

In the immortal words of Great Mother Theresa " In life happiness doesn't come through selfishness but through selflessness, because you don't need a reason to help people.” 

Such is the story of Chief Mrs Ambassador   Esther Ogwu the CEO of Esther Child Rights Foundation , a front runner in the NGO section of life

Only recently on   her Historic landmark  birthday,when others may opt for some flamboyant event ,she decided to go the selfless way to have it with the poor,needy ,disadvantaged and the rest

It was a double deal affair, first of which was  celebrated in her office, due to the on going covid 19 pandemic she celebrated it in the office to avoid too many crowd because of her selflessness in fighting for the rights of those whose Rights has been violated. 

Anytime she celebrates her birthday it's always crowdy, the birthday was to mark a year added to her years and she dedicated the birthday to the Almighty ,the Creator of the universe who gave her the Life and the strength to carry on this journey of life especially the human rights work.

We scooped that her  birthday attracted a lot of Muslims and Christians who came and they all testify to how she has helped them in one way or the other thereby restoring their right unto them.

During the birthday celebration, Esther Ogwu talked about how God with his infinite mercy has been helping her through this 13 years of selfless service to humanity, though it has never been easy fighting a good course because those Predators out there are always looking for people they will oppress and make them their prey, but by his infinite mercy, every case that came to her table has never gone unsettled and she really appreciate God for having her back always, because if it's byi strength no man can prevail and she also beacon on Nigerians, Africans and the world at large to live in peace and harmony because where peace can lead us to war can't take us there and that the government and individuals should embrace justice and make injustice a thing of the past.

She also said with the  Passion she has for humanity being a handiwork of God that she Will continue fighting until justice is crowned and enthroned in our societies, also anyone involving in violating human rights should stop.

The same day she celebrated her birthday she attended to over 20 cases before the birthday commences, she said I have to attend to people's cases before the celebration commences, Which shows that fighting for humanity comes first. 

Many are dying and they need help from you and I, many are shouting for help but their voices are not heard, let's unite as one, though different colours but We're one people.

As she rounded up her statement, the cake was cut and everyone wished her happy birthday with long life and prosperity.

Later on that day, she still went to spend qualify moment with the orphanages in a home at Lekki phase 1 Lagos

Speaking to Works Leaders magazine news on her experiences, she confessed

" I feel better and more fulfilled this year on my birthday when I shared my cake and fun time with the needy and orphans, it is more joyful than all those my loud parties with top celebrities, business people and co,the needy need us more than the rich, its not about money or loud things,  it's about touching their lives and that is what we just did, I pray God to give me the strength and hearts to keep spending such great time with the poor and needy " she posited

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