NEW FREE MENTORING PROJECT FOR WOMEN.....Amb Princess Mercy Nwachukwu speaks Passionately On Her New Drive

A popular quote on giving by late Princess Dianna told us that we must  Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ...

And such the mindset of Amb Princess Mercy Nwachukwu who spoke glowingly to World Leaders magazine on her new vision

Hear her ....
"COVID-19  has been a major probing issue in our world of today from the inception when this pandemic took the world unaware from China thru USA and other parts of the world the impact has been felt by everyone on the surface of the earth which Nigeria  is not excluded... we have the same ravaging and deadly disease in our country and from the time it rared its ugly head into our nation the effect and negative energy on Us has been very dramatic and destructive , we have experienced high mortality rate of people from all age brackets,we have experienced high level of economics and social set back we have experienced serious increase in crime and social related problems ranging from rape, murder, stealing, robbery,taunting,juvenile

delinquency,mental and psychological misorderliness , illnesses  and greavious disorderliness from different quarters.

"I have closely observed changes that came from COVID-19 pandemic situations and I have also been a key player in supporting humanity and mentoring people on issues arising and how to be guided from becoming a deviant or victim of circumstances from COVID-19.

"After supporting people with palliatives especially to the less PRIVILEGED and voiceless I have done other humanitarian works to keep people going while we recover from this saga of COVID-19,  from here I discovered that cases of crime and violence keep increasing with little of no solution on curbing it I decided to run a free counselling  section for three months from the first Thursday  of july just to keep people

stable mentally,psychologically,spiritually, and otherwise as with this we can have a mental guide on people to understand that this is just a phase that will soon pass over while life continues for good.

"Hence my inspiration to roll out this mentoring sections and project to boost women and the girl child  using Nigeria  as a case study for the

African women at large, am also partnering with my good friend Queen frauline Moltaga from South Africa  to reach out to women thru our NGO's"


She revealed..

"My key target is to reach out fast to women especially the vulnerable ones, my intention here is to become a teacher as I study more and do researches on the effect of COVID-19  on people and why the major domestic issues faced by women is a result and side effects of COVID-19.

"I intend to liaise with other powerful mentors and intellectuals who have great wealth of experience in mentoring and teaching  on domestic issues and family issues that can help in healing the wounds and emotional traumas that have built up from COVID-19  pandemic lockdown experiences on couples,families and acquaintances.

"I have colleagues with wealth of experiences who are ready to give free counselling and support towards achieving this humanitarian service to women and mankind.

"Reaching out to women and young girls within this period will go along way to healing the wounded ones,and control the ones who may fall victim of these issues hence we are also set to preventing and controlling domestic violence and abuse on women and others involved"


She was most emphatic and admitted " Well we still give God his praises and honour for putting these thought into me and my NGOs and volunteers to render these selfless service always at no charges  but still times are hard and running projects as this requires funding and capital to reach out more and also get things and materials ready and set to impact people .

"With this I can say it has been very challenging always for me as I run on self sponsorship  most times and having few friends and family support me in what i do because they cant ignore me just like that , with this I still call out to humanitarian and great philanthropists out there to hacken to this call for a healing mentoring programme for women by supporting me from every way with funding,sponsorship, gifting of materials, donations and whatever  that will promote this good work for the betterment of the needy, beneficiaries and women at large.

"We need also publicity and media attention and coverage to spread out our works and create visible awareness to other women who may wish to participate in this free program

"I also use this opportunity  to call out on our government  to come and support this free training as thru this we can have healthy people and stop the increase on crime rate and violence in our nation"

That is AMB  MERCY IFEANYI NWACHUKWU ( Founder/ President) WCF INTL & M-YAN for you today

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