The Powers of Financial literacy For Future tycoons

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Many wants to be Masters over their money but do not want to - or rather find it very hard to seat down and learn deep about financial literacy

I used to be heavy fancier of sports and stories of lifestyles, but since I learnt the massive advantages in financial literacy, I have now been so glued on this subject matters both in books and the daily newspapers

And I can boldly tell the youths of today and future tycoons that to be Masters over their money they must Create  time every now and then to learn about financial management, the lack of it often leads to future disaster

A billionaire tycoon and  global youths Role model, Prince Hon. Dr Ned Nwoko once told me during an exclusive audience that

 " To be a future billionaire or at best even a millionaire you must sacrifice time not just to work hard but more wisely spend time to learn on your own or via life coach about wealth building ,management and investment opportunities etc, spend less hours on social network things and learn to study money "

This is fact, it goes to show that the more you learn about money, the more you become Master over


That  you are  broke or penny less today must not stop you from aiming high and aspiring to be a tycoon tomorrow

Keep learning financial literacy!

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