Rwanda's President Kagama, UBA Chairman, Elumelu : A Tale of Two Visionary Leaders With Rare Passions

Visionary Leaders – YWCA Spokane

The respected Advance oxford dictionary described the art of unwinding as *the joy of relaxing after a period of work or tension.
And in life, no matter how busy we may be or how powerful one may be, there are always one form or the other to unwind
Today We at World leaders online  magazine, brings you the classical story of two of Africa’s top notch visionary leaders, in persons of Rwandan President Paul Kagama and the  globally respected Dr Tony Elumelu,  the foremost  economist by training,  serial entrepreneur, and tireless philanthropist. It is an interesting piece worth studying for current and future business and political leaders, enjoy it
President Kagama once said of his life’s passions and how he manages his time

“I do a lot of sport. I have to create time, there is no doubt. In fact, at times, I have to do things at strange hours, sometimes when others are sleeping… I even do my exercises very late in the night when I should be resting, but again, I always find ways of compensating for what I have missed because I also have to find time to rest, to sleep, above all.
“I never lack sleep. Whenever I have a few hours to put my head on the pillow, without much effort, I go to sleep.
“I do follow sport. I have been a good fan of Arsenal football club for about three decades now. Whenever they are playing, whatever game, whenever I have the time, I always want to watch.
“I do follow other sports as well. I watch tennis, basketball – I follow the National Basketball Association (NBA).
“I used to play basketball for fun, but am not a professional, and I never came anywhere near that. But I play tennis, I work out and enjoy watching games if I am not able to play”
Note: Kagama is also a deep lover of books, he writes, he reads and is in love with taking his personal notes when in business or political meetings

On his part, Dr Elumelu,
The top notch economist by training, a serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist’s passion was recently unveiled by one of his close admirers in person of Mike Cerutti Osagie, 
the young author and humanitarian wordsmith.
In a report carried out  recently, Osagie Revealed the
Billionaire Global Philanthropists Dr Tony Elumelu’s  Early Mornings Habits cum schedules –as told by a close aide
* Wakes up early as 4/5 a.m ~ not fan of deep sleep
* Prays first before touching his phone or speaking to anybody
* Tries to get his family (All his kids if they at home to pray with him) 
habit his parents thought him & his siblings
* Checks his emails & SMS's ...hardly calls but gets his staffs to reply all relevant messages
* Picks a book or unfinished newspaper and spend about an hour to read
* Studies his days schedule with his wife / best friend Dr Awele Elumelu
* If time permits... does little exercise and off he goes to his office or jets out of the country or some projects works.

Please Note :

Elumelu does not waste a single hour in his mornings and is not a fan of TV or heavy breakfast
Elumelu is also an avid reader who once confessed that voracious reading is the solution to making a difference. Knowledge increases confidence, and confidence is a key attribute for excellence. 

Hear Elumelu, "As a Big Fan of Execution,one of our Core values here at Heir Holdings, My absolutely Top Three Favorite Books are: 

1) Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done – 
Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan (Crown Publishing Group, 2002; non-fiction)
2) Leading Change – John P. Kotter (Harvard Business Publishing, 1996; non-fiction)
3) Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...and Others Don't – 
Jim C. Collins (HarperCollins Publishers UK, 2001; non-fiction)

That is Kangama and Elumelu for you...
Two of African greatest role models and 
pragmatic leaders who often finds enough time to read.

* Osagie : The Wordsmith of the inspiring piece  can be contacted via: OR SMS + 234 7042631895

Inspirational classic :By Mike Cerutti Osagie 


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