Front line NGO Advocate,Amb. Mercy Nwachukwu Appeals to Nigeria's Presidency To Add cash to Palliatives

" A hungry man is an Angry man"- African sayings

A leading Non Governmental Organization practitioner in Africa, Amb. Mercy ifeanyi Nwachukwu who is the  Founder/President  Women Centre for the Family INT. last night made a  passionate appeal to the Nigerian Presidency to make it a token duty to add little cash to palliatives being planned for Nigerian Masses by the President Buhari and Osibanjo led Government

Amb. Mercy ifeanyi Nwachukwu who spoke with World Leaders magazine said such token cash can be passed via the miniseries of women affairs/ humanitarian with NGO bodies guiding the project

Her Case

"Parliatives are relieve or  stuffs given to support or ease a particular condition or situations at hand. It's a temporary support for the relieve from some unfavourable situations or otherwise which can make the victim a better person or calm a situation on ground.

"COVID-19 pandemic brought about lockdown situation in Nigeria and other nations hence the need for parliatives and other supports emerged all over the world but being specific with the case in Nigeria we have mostly material parliatives given to support the people and most affected individuals,these  ranging from food stuffs, beverages, household items, medical relievers, etc.

" Parliatives in these forms are commonly used during situations but cash parliatives is very important to give  also as most times during lockdown people get out of cash and have no money to meet their various needs as their needs arises"

Speaking from  her own NGOs experience during lockdown, she posited

" I discovered many families had no cash for operations and daily running of the family many were poor people and Nigerians living below average who had no means of livelihood and no income before lockdown while some were daily business owners who earn daily income so with the lockdown there was no means of getting cash for meeting their needs .

"Hence I supported alot of families with cash parliatives as low as #2000 which was a huge relieve for them to purchase there immediate needs and even feed per day, this measure helped to curb the hunger virus disease.

"I strongly suggest the government should please adopt this cash parliative measure to assist the very poor and less privileged people in Nigeria  because by so doing they have this mental sense of relieve and even psychological balance and great  sense of belonging and spirit of independence to Carter for their needs.

"The people already know what they need and if supported with cash they know exactly what they prefer to purchase and help themselves during this COVID-19 lockdown.

"Thus the Nigerian government  can further reach out to the masses and poor with cash donations into their various bank  accounts or their work organisations to alleviate poverty during COVID-19 lockdown"

That is the eloquent Amb. Mercy ifeanyi Nwachukwu ( Founder/President  Women Centre for the Family INTL) for you

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