SPECIAL BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE : 100 Quotes of Adeboye (PART 1)

WHAT DO YOU GIVE TO A MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING ...Image result for adeboye at 78
#Money can buy?
~ Such was the puzzle I found myself last night when I was reminded Of Pa Enoch Adejare Adeboye's 78 birthday today
For a man who has impacted lives Of millions Of people globally, including yours truly, nothing will be better than to present the rare classic quote collections I've been collecting for ages > this is my token birthday gift @ 78, in five Robust series
SPECIAL Tribute:( Part 1)
Adeboye @ 78...His Rare & Best Of 100 Quotes for success & Abundant mentality fanciers, enjoy it √
As compiled by Wordsmith,
Mike De Cerutti Osagie

* Diligent
Always be Diligent in Life for It can shape your story, because those Who made history often do not have time to watch history because  they are  not spectators
Be careful in celebrating greatness, for what you admire is what you ultimately become
To be unique comes with its price, It is not cheap, be ready to sacrifice and pay price Of uniqueness
You must use every achievement and every peak as a launchpad for a higher climb and higher goal
* Tomorrow's peak...
Many do not know, that the peak Of today is plateau Of the future, so why wait? Just keep pressing on
* Sanity
It is not all the time you react to those Who judge or attack you, two people cannot be made at the same time, learn to live insanity
* Anger
Anger is not for great minds, rather It is temporal madness, do your Best not to be mad at all with people
* Battle
Many fail to realize that in Life, the greater the battle, the sweeter the success
* Pray
Prayer is for your benefit, not someone else, you will become a big prey
* SurrenderingImage result for adeboye at 78
There is danger in surrendering early, no one can be defeated until he surrenders,, try not to surrender to life's initial challenges, stay and fight on
Often in Life, our failures and how we overcome them is what makes our testimony worth listening to
* Age
No one can cheat on his age or strength, so henceforth, make use Of all your time and young age to afford regrets at old age
* Island
Those Who seek the cooler Life Of island are not fools, they have realized that the island is cooler than mainland because Of overcrowding which is caused by overpopulation; aim to be at the cooler side Of Life
* Debt
Many people talk and cry over bad debt they have fallen into, such cries are vain things, talk and cry gets one nowhere, what will get you out is work and self-discipline/, meticulous financial discipline

* Hunger
It is a bitter truth Of Life...hunger will always the case over Lady and idle hands

* Laziness

Has anyone ever died Of hard work? NO, they can only die out Of laziness, opt to work, than beg

* Workaholic

Be joyful if they label you workaholic than a lazy man

* Gold medal is better than bronze, and all things will come to those that sit and wait, with exception Of Gold 

Image result for adeboye at 78

* Procrastination

Whenever you hear the word procrastination, be alert, for that is the thief that steals and destroys your Life, be careful Of how you leave for tomorrow what you can do today

*David vs Goliath
We must learn from King David, he did not run from his mountain, he ran to face goliath, he faced his mountain and triumphed

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