The Okada uprising in Nigeria: An open letter to all Nigerians. THE ISSUE OF BANNING MOTOR CYCLISTS IN OUR CITIES

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Dr. Yilkyes Finok Bala-Tonglele writes for WORLD LEADERS MAGAZINE 

I want us all to strike a meaningful dialogue on this issue so that we can put heads together and solve our problems as one people
1. The video clip and the commentary being circulated on social media stereo typing certain set of our community and using unacceptable derogatory tribal hate words should not have been shared on the platforms as this was the height of hate speech that could bring about social unrest the like of Rwanda.
2. All great cities of the world cater for all forms of transport with most emphasis particularly on cyclist and bikers. Nigeria as a developing nation cannot wake up one day and decides that her cities are only for vehicular owners. A discrimination that can lead to anarchy and destroys the foundation of our young democracy itself.
3. A society that does not have good law enforcement most especially on road users cannot pernalize one section of the community as a short-cut to its problem
4. Cars and bike owners are all born free citizens of Nigeria and are entitled to the use of the road either on foot, bike or even carts or horsebacks
5. The reasons for the ban as it has been reported by the social media is that intelligence suggests through one “mallam” ( without name)as challyboy later copy paste it as his own, that Boko Haram were moving down to Lagos.
If such intel was genuine then this was a matter for the security agencies to intercept the group. So why cause commotion and panic by stereotyping the cyclists and chasing them out of Lagos. ??
The leader must be guided by concience to lead and not by sentiment. The fact that my beautiful Mercedes Benz or Range Rover has been damaged or scratched by cyclist šŸšµ‍♀ and some unruly cyclists joined in to assault me does not make all clyclists my victims because I have the power to ban them from using the highway and so I did ??
No my brothers and sisters No. Think. Think and think. We must understand social law and how this affects the psychic of the mind of the average man.
Are we forgetting how Nigeria get to this point so soon. We all know how kidnapping started with militants kidnapping Europeans for ransom(with reasons) this then gradually became a custom and as less and less Europeans were available to be kidnapped, the kidnappers turned to wealthy Nigerians. It all started from the Niger delta spreading to the east and now it’s a full time business right across the length and breadth of Nigeria.
What about Boko Haram. They all started by a serving governor or would be governor who recruited them as his Thugs. When he got his ticket, he abandoned them. The rest of the story we all know. And so we are told about bandits in the northwest. What about the Fulani herdsmen. They began as vigilantes protecting their herds from being rustled by organized crime dens. A legitimate response to a bad situation turns bad because government did not go after the cattle rustlers and arrest them which would have put a stop to it. Our failure as a people collectively.
Now here we are in a major city using the power of democracy into dictatorship to prevent the children of keke riders from feeding and going to school.
A very dangerous precedence. we are setting ourselves and more of our citizens at risks of being kidnapped by these children. We are plundering our society into further doom and anarchy.
We all go on social media and decry the evil of kidnappings yet we are busy recruiting more kidnappers by chasing keke people out to go and form kidnapping gangs. Don’t we see what we are doing. ??
Dr. Yilkyes Finok Bala-Tonglele writes as an
His PhD Thesis Titled FACTORS AFFECTING ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE IN NIGERIA, A REVIVAL PATTERN. UK 1989 was awarded Distinction and judged to be one of the best comprehensive research ever conducted on Nigeria from 1900-1989. This 900 page Thesis is available at Greenwich school of management library in the UK. And Uni jos. 07/02/2020


  1. Number 4 is very vital. We are all entitled to the country.


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