A Tale of Two Pretty Women Fighting CANCER ....... Meet Claudia Lai Nainggolan &Happiness Ogar

"Cancer is not death warrant"-Mike De CERUTTI Osagie

This is a tale of two stunning ladies hit by cancer 

1: The famous Radja Nainggolan’s wife has  revealed that she is battling cancer.
Claudia Lai Nainggolan wrote a heartfelt post about her ‘nightmare’, announcing she was to begin chemotherapy treatment .
Inter, her husband club sent a message of support shortly afterwards, assuring Claudia that her strength would help her defeat the disease.
“It’s been one month that I’ve been waking up in the morning, hoping it’s just a nightmare,” Claudia said.
“I’ve been waking up in the morning for the past month and I’ve realized I live inside a nightmare.
“I hoped this day would come as late as possible, but it wasn’t to be. The days have flown by, as has my happiness…
“From today I’ll begin a new chapter of my life… Chemotherapy. And who would’ve ever said that Claudia, for once in her life, would have the fear of starting a new day… fear is an understatement.
“What can I say, after bucket loads of tears, it’s time to go and fight this ugly beast.

“I thank with all my heart my family and friends who have helped me enjoy this month of relaxation in the best way, giving me all the strength and positivity needed to face everything… but above all they’ve been able to handle all my mood swings (with a high level of endurance).
“Good luck to everyone else who is living through the same nightmare. Never lose your smile.”

2: Elsewhere, the Nigerian lady hit by cancer of the bones, is now undergoing treatment in INDIA 
 In A report carried @ www.worldindustryleaders.blogspot.com,The family of the Ogars,from Cross River State have confirmed that their beloved child : Happiness Ogar has been hit by the much dreadful cancer of the bone aka Fibro Sarcoma and are urgently in need of support from well meaning general public for an intense surgery on the keg before the cancer treatment

According to the husband of the affected patient, Mr. Douglas Ogar, any token support from well meaning general public will be most appreciated
Briefing me fully on the history of the ailment, Ogar posited that the whole thing started when she gave birth to her last child early last year when they discovered a swollen part on her leg and decided to do an X-ray which came out to be sarcoma.
So they went further to do a biopsy surgery and confirm it was Fibro Sarcoma, and where told she need to undergo a surgery but can't be done here in Nigeria.
So they contacted the Indians with medical reports and they sent in a treatment and cost plan for the surgery which amounted to #12millions.

Today she is now in India, courtesy of Cross River the Executive Governor of Cross River State,
His Excellency Prof Ben Ayade who donated 5 Million Naira, she is now fighting the dreadful ailment, she still needs your support


* To be part of this safe a life appeal, kindly send your token support/ donation to :
0126338288 Gtbank.
Savings.Ogar Douglas
~ May God bless all the cheerful donors

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