The Skillful Communicator Garba Shehu You Never Knew-By Daughter: Maria Garba Shehu

Veteran consummate communicator-per excellence,  and Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari Mr Garba Shehus’s  Daughter MARIA recently grated an interview to high flying Daily Trust on  her dad’s life and passionsNo photo description available.

The 27-year-old PR and Social Media Consultant is  an alumni of the University of Sharjah in the UAE with a BA in Communications.

 In that interview, she talks about unknown aspects about her dad, and more.  

By fine courtesy, we reproduce here the classic piece

* How would you describe your dad?
Maria: He is a very brilliant and hardworking man. He is the most hardworking man I know and he is so easy to love by others.
His honesty, work ethic and the way he makes sure everyone around him is always well taken care of in all ways.

* What kind of dad is he – strict or relaxed?

Maria: He honestly can be a bit of both depending on the situation and how he perceives it. Sometimes I feel it’s seasonal too. So it depends on how lucky you are as he can be pretty unpredictable (laughs).

* What advice has he given you that has stuck with you till date?
Maria: He has always told me to be honest and true to myself.

* What’s his favourite thing to watch on TV?
Maria: He enjoys watching news and sports. DT: What’s his favourite food? Maria: Although he has a great appetite and I believe he enjoys great food equally, he says his favorite food is rice with plantain and chicken.

* What other profession/field do you think he would have excelled in?
Maria: Definitely golf. He is huge on golfing and he definitely has the potential to excel in it.

* How does he unwind? Maria: He enjoys staying in on weekends and having full family days.

* Can you share a fond family memory related to him?
Maria: Ah I have lot of those! My favorite has to be when everyone is celebrated well in the house. He’s at the forefront of those. We always go out on celebratory dinners, catch up with each other and have great laughs till the night ends.

* What would you say is an aspect of your dad’s personality that people don’t know?
Maria: He has a great sense of humor and appreciates a good laugh.

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