"My CASE".............Nigerian Born American Domiciled Ayorinde Emmanuel Aina BARES His Mind On Buhari Led Government

Though based in USA, Ayorinde Aina still feels totally  for Nigeria and Nigerians back home daily , he says the peoples pains is his pains
He sent this letter from New Jersey base in America  to WORLD LEADERS Publisher Chief Mike Cerutti Osagie

I do   not think or ever believe Buhari can make great impact on Nigeria without an active VP. This VP Na follow follow he never dream where he is do he prefer to stay kohal to Buhari than Nigerians. Going by his history he Buhari has never being such leader that can move Nigeria to the Next Level.l have nothing against him but he is not just ready for such mission. During his Government as Military head of state Idiagbon was the Driving force.

Buhari is too religious a man to govern Nigeria. He is too Islamic and devoted to the lslam and norms of his religion than working for Nigeria. You can’t serve two Master (NIGERIA/ISLAM) He will either love Islam or hate Nigeria or Love Nigeria putting her first before Islam

Now l am not advocating for a Christian President. Why many of the so called Christian House member and Senate are more than Devils Angel if they became President then they turn Satanic. So if Buhari want to serve the Nation Nigeria let him spent just 0.0001% of our Oil income to establish 4 Specialist Hospital that will take care of Nigerians. We need it if only that is what he can do for us including himself. Have you ever stopped to think if Buhari was in Nigeria when Yar'adua was sick and rushed out of Nigeria for months because no good medication facility? He also the same. Why are they not thinking of tomorrow for others and of themselves? They always go to London or Germany or Saudi for treatment leaving our Heath sector poor unattended to. Lf those countries leader are like us where will they go?

Making us slave economically to British people? You know why? Because Britain preferred those they can control like him allowing Religion to create division. None of the civilized nation wants Nigeria to excel because they knew what a powerful nation we could be if we can or we are allowed to "BE" what we dreamt to be.

So we are yet to have leader, many say Buhari is honest he does not steal "hummmmm Yoruba adage Says Agbepolaja ki se ole kilose eniti oraan lowo" Meaning " The one the stole palm oil from the High rack is not the thief but the one that assisted him" He Buhari has a lot of accused ROGUES in his cabinet being paid from our sweat (Tax) what is he doing? What is he planning to do? Where is he after swearing in for second term? What is his plan for the people?

To continue to give Nigerians money to British Hospital or committing us more into OIC? Why not slash the Salary of the Senators down to the local Government councilors? What we have is not being utilized well. We have so much in the hand of lazy senators and house members and Governor all killing Nigerians. lt is painful to see this people coming in here buying house and cars spending Nigeria money on useless materials then having seen all these they go back home to defraud Nigerians.

So let him Buhari slash the money going to them all the Wardrobe allowance etc should be cancelled. Use the money to improve Electricity supply and distribution. How does he want to attract investors without power to work or he thinks they will be using Generator?

Well my prayer for him this second coming is that God will open his eyes and mind to know he is not President of Christian or Muslims but of Nigerians and should work for Nigerians not Saudi or any Islamic states or Israel or Christian State. If he fails us in this test, he will go down in history as not only one of the enemy’s of the people but friend of Colonial masters re-enslaving his country men and women. The choice is his if he fails God will surely deliver Nigerians and give them great another leader.

Finally to Nigerians Youth the is time to take over and send these bunch of these selfish and corrupt politicians to retirement let them see how Nigeria will grow without them . The word of The Living GOD says “Get out of them"
He and his men are corrupting the mind of the youths and destroying the future of the Great Nation on earth called NIGERIA.


Ayorinde Emmanuel Aina


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