KOFI ANNAN................Lives On -A special tribute

Special tribute to Kofi Annan

By Mercy Adishi,LAGOS -Exclusive to Cerutti Group

Though from Africa the dark continent, as we are referred to, you came and showed the world the finesse of the African Spirit based on love for peace and the development of your fellow man, the world stood and gazed as fiery tempers that would have resulted in war were cooled with your extraordinary diplomatic interventions, you have not only made Africa proud you showed the world that together we can create a better world.

The history and mention of the of United Nations will never be complete without the mentioning of your name, and your contributions to world peace, many have held the same position you held, but you added so much, class and human tenderness to your work that you can't be forgotten, now or in the future, as the world celebrate you, in grand styles, may the light you have shown continue to shine on. Mother Africa is very proud of you and I am personally, proud of a great illustrious son of Africa, who has made us all very proud, your spirit lives on.

Just like your legacies live on.


  1. Well whatever we do live after we life we learn how to do good

  2. Most eloquent and befiting eulogy to one of Africa's best...thank you Mercy!


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