Corporate Governance :Ebonyi People Democratic Party New Media Group Pays Glowing Tribute On Umahi

The Ebonyi People Democratic Party New Media Group under the leadership of Mr. Nwaze Francis has lauded the leadership and developmental strides of Engr. (Dr.) David Nweze Umahi, FNSE, FNATE in Ebonyi state within the short period of time under review, describing it as a very uncommon feat in the entire African Countries.

Mr. Nwaze while speaking to pressmen on Monday morning in Abakaliki stated that Umahi’s transformations in the state looks like magic, unbelievable and deserves to be recognized beyond the ambit of the country as his strength in leadership, prudence in financial management, speed in delivering his promises and quality of his jobs have together made him outstanding in the entire nation.

 “You see, Gov. Umahi is a very uncommon breed in NIgeria. His type is rarely seen in the country, so, he should be given an international award for promise made and promise fulfilled. It’s not just about his promises, he has face-lifted the state from what it used to be to what it is now and he is not relenting.

“Presently, he has raised his sledge hammer against cultism and he is not giving breathing space to whosoever that is found to be member of any cult confraternity in Ebonyi state and this has made Ebonyi a calm and collected environment suitable for investment and business activities.
“Ebonyi State was notable as the dust of the nation. As at then, you dare not try wearing white in Ebonyi as it will be greeted by dust which will color it brown instantly due to deplorable roads but today; Umahi has changed the story in four years. No one talks about good road without talking Ebonyi State. In fact, if you search Google for the five most beautiful states in Nigeria, you will see Ebonyi topping the chart.

“Umahi has always been the first to bring in special projects in Nigeria and he does that in exceptional ways that people kept wondering where he gets his strength and brain from. If you visit the Ecumenical center, the shopping mall, the flyovers, Ebonyi Tunnel, the waste to wealth recycling plant etc. you will believe us that Umahi is indeed sent from heaven for the sake of Ebonyians, Nigerians and the world at large.

“In Ebonyi, Widows are made government stakeholders; elders from 70years and above are celebrated and cared for; workers are paid promptly before the 15th of every month. 

"Under our watch, we have witnessed several governors coming to borrow leaves from Gov. Umahi of Ebonyi State and each time they visit, the people of the state they are governing always have breath of fresh air coming from Ebonyi.

“So, you can see that the list is endless and that is the reason behind his becoming the 2018 best Governor of the year in Nigeria by Leadership newspaper but truly, he has gone beyond that now, he should be recognized internationally because he deserves it”. He submitted.


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