Lawter & Social crusader Lady Atonte Dietespiff Speaks passionately on her deep interest and care for Yusuf Buhari

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In her letter to De  WORLD LEADER ONLINE magazine last week ,she wrote .............
"I was minding my own business when God gave me the inspiration to write the poem. I have never written poetry. I am just a lawyer. But poetry has never been my interest. I believe God used my own experience with the miracle healing I received from my own brain injury to inspire the words of the poem. 

"At the time I had just read an article on WhatsApp that was saying that Yusuf's accident was a sign from God for PMB to resign and not seek a second term. I was very upset with the article because I could not understand how any human being who has children of their own could make such a statement when someone's child was in that condition fighting for their life. 
"I thought that was very wicked. I was a victim of brain injury and my family can tell you how much pain, fear, and anxiety they experienced during my hospitalization and surgery. And my father was a Professor of Medicine and my mother & her 2 sisters nurses who are used to seeing people in such distress and condition. 
"These facts generated a desire in me to reach out to the First Family of Nigeria during their time of anxiety over their son's condition.

The most important reason I published the poem in the newspaper and not sent it directly to the presidency was so that many others in the country who are facing the traumatic situation with their children or other loved ones can take courage from my own experience of recovery. Yusuf's injury was well known because he is the President's son. But think about so many in Nigeria and worldwide who had brain injury and their story and suffering is not known. They and their families are the faceless victims who need encouragement and hope, and who need a voice.

* MORE ON LADY Atonte Dietespiff later


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