Jevista's CEO Honorable Benny Obazie Speaks Glowingly Of power Of MEN & Hats

Jevista : Redefining Men's Class Through Hats
Exclusive by chief Mike De Cerutti Osagie 
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When a few years ago, top city clothier, international business man and humanitarian, Chief Hon Benny Obazie decided to set up West Africa's first full fledged exclusive hat boutique ; many thought it was a wild goose chase
Today , years after, the dream is now reality and the exclusive hat boutique has continue to grow from strength to strength and attracting discerning elites across the country to her Ikoyi Lagos flagship shop

As at last night, De Ceruti Media can reveal that new goods have just arrived and there can be a better time for all the men of taste to stop by and view what is up at Jevista
According to CEO Hon Chief Obazie " We are fully stock now, we want to men today's men look chic and refined , that is what you get using a nice hat" he mused 

* Men & Hats : A Brief History  
Hats have always been used to protect the head and keep it warm since much heat is lost through the top of ones head, however, hats have also, for many centuries been status symbols and fashion statements; there is nothing like a hat to draw attention to the face.
They were large, small, plain and elaborate and were worn by both men and women.
You would’ve known immediately what a man’s occupation was by the hat he wore, whether he was rich or poor, working or upper class.
During the Regency period or Napoleonic era, a man of title or money would have worn a tall top hat or perhaps a bowler. It might have been made of wool, beaver fur or even horse hair. Sea faring men wore very distinguishable head gear with Captains wearing tricorns, bicornes, fore and afts or Chapeau de Bras.
Hats represent authority and are today still a part of a uniform for military men, police officers and others...but also a classssic form of dressing up for men
Get a hat today. And feel good ,look chic
Special May Sales 40% Off Bailey Hat.
Original Price #72,000 Sale Price #43,200.
Available Colors Black With Grey Ribbon.
Sizes Available S,M,L,XL
DM to Whatapp Or Call 09060004067
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