Hope Rises for local tomatoes producers .................Tomatoes Paste Importation: No Going Back By FGN On Plan To Ban Importation

Barely two months after the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development alerted the Nation of The federal government gallant plan to place a final ban on the importation of tomato paste before the end of 2019, reasons have emerged why such plan will make our local tomatoes producers smile to the banks
A very competent source at the Ministry told WORLD LEADERS  ( Agricultural desk) that such a ban will encourage massive tomato production in our country.
Also on the same vein ,we can reveal that the Federal Government has set aside N250 billion through the Central Bank of Nigeria and Bank Agriculture to disburse as soft loans to tomato farmers as part of the Anchor Borrower scheme.
A source close to the Minister who spoke to us stated that “Federal government will continue to encourage Dangote agro-farms and the farmers to grow massive tomatoes in Nigeria and with this kind of outfit, farmers will earn more with better seedlings from the Dangote greenhouse and get better results,” Our country spends $22 billion on tomato paste importation annually and this has to stop.
The farmers will supply to the processor and eventually join tomato breeders in the world. In a short while, Nigeria will simply stop importation and dependence on other sources for tomato supply.
The greenhouse plant will produce 3 million seedlings which will supply to farmers. With this hybrid tomato seedling, farmers will be able to produce over 70,000 tons per hectare against the 10,000 tons,”
We can also reveal that, this output will encourage farmers to increase their production and provide job opportunity because the federal government ban on those foods and other items we can produce in this country still remain on the banning list.
* No doubt, this is new dawn of hope for Nigeria's local tomatoes producers


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