Late Human Right Activist Gani Fawehinmi's Heir Apparent, Mohammed Fawehinmi ll Gives THREE Reasons Why He IS Supporting Buhari For President 2019

History was made in 2018 when current President, Muhammadu Buhari conferred a posthumous honor and award to late human right activist and lawyer extraordinaire, Chief Gani Fawehinmi

Shortly after the award, the late lawyers heir apparent, Barrister Muhammed Fawehinmi ll
stated on national TV that  “If this is coming 25 years later, it means one day your country will remember you because some of us felt when we came out of Abacha’s gulag and we were not recognized. I just felt what sort of country is this. 

"Like my personal experience as one of the most famous prisoner of conscience in the world, I saw that my country did not even appreciate the four years I spent in one of the worst cells in the world. And we did all these for our country and the country did not recognize us.

“So, now we are happy and we are very grateful to our president, the least president we expected who should have done this, Muhammadu Buhari. We thought people like Obasanjo should have done that for us long time ago. There was so much pressure. Not Muhammadu Buhari. We least expected it, so in doing it for us, he has a great soul and we appreciate it.”

Now with the 2019 Presidential election, is it pay back time for the late lawyers family to vote for Buhari ? Mohammed in an exclusive interview with WORLD LEADERS however said, had Buhari not given his late father an award, he will still vote the current President BUHARI 


"My support for Buhari goes beyond sentiment and the 3 reasons why I support Buhari are as follows
1) He is battling corruption and security deficiencies in Nigeria.
2) He is a true patriot.
3) He is genuinely repairing the damaged infrastructure

Asked if the late Gani could have supported Buhari , he had this to say " Yes, He would have supported Buhari, that is common knowledge. A President who does not have an Oil block and foreign account, a leader who is selfless must be supported over the other candidates " he stated to us


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