Global Youth Ambassador, Boobosha Advises Future Leaders On Ills Of Procrastination

"Delay is dangerous " 
Boobosha is a Nigerian born act , super model, performer and speaker to stranded youths abroad, beyond music, she has a calling to motivate the down trodden

She has often spoken on wild range of issue money making / management, ills of drunkenness and the other social ills of life as it affect youths

IN this new report, Boobosha -in a telephonic chat last night with CeruttiInspiration publisher condemns the evil art of procrastination and tell youths three ills of moving tings that can be doe today or tomorrow
"I have been pondering and have realize that the evil next door is the art of procrastination ,it is hell and it will make you not able to meet goals.
Procrastination seems to come on with full force when we entertain the thought of goals, of wanting to achieve or change something. You might have a strong desire to change, but you just can’t seem to take the first step forward.
"This is normally really confusing and perplexing; you might find yourself thinking, “Why is it so hard to go for something that I want so badly?” Only you can answer that; you’ll have to explore a little deeper into the resistance.
On importance of goals setting, she opined "We set goals because we have a deep desire to better our lives in some way. If you don’t do this because of procrastination, you destroy the possibility to better your life.
"A bad reputation has multiple, underlying negative effects. And I want to motivate our youths to learn from Nike law which says just do it√
No doubt Ambassador Booboosha is case, after years of procrastination, she is back to university in Auckland to pursue an engineering degree
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