NEW HOSPITAL IN SIGHT.............Soccer Star, Emanuel Emenike On why he is building Hospital for His People

" Ridiculous yachts and private planes and big limousines won’t make people enjoy life more, and it sends out terrible messages to the people who work for them. It would be so much better if that money was spent in Africa – and it’s about getting a balance.-"Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin empire:

As far back as 2017, Super star footballer, Emmanuel Emenike was rated as one of Africans top richest sportsmen with a net worth of  $18.33million 
SO stupendously rich is the talent and powerhouse forward reputed for his strength and his habit of forcing the ball when nothing else is working.

He was once called a monkey at his club by racists. But in his epic reply he told them not to forget to call him a rich monkey the next time. With a net worth of $18million, it is not difficult to see why Emenike is on the list of the richest footballers in Nigeria. Emenike always parties with other Nigerian celebrities, musicians especially at the most exclusive venues.

But beyond lover of the good life, Emmanuel Emenike is s are philanthropist to the core with large heart as evident in his plan to build a specialist hospital in Enugu, Nigeria. The former Super Eagles striker disclosed as much recentlyBut why this great move ? According to the former West Ham, Spartak Moscow and Fenerbahce man, his plan to sponsor the construction of a specialist hospital in Nigeria is because he wants to give something back to the community that produced him and help less privileged people get easy access to quality health services.

The hospital, which he said will be known as Emmanuel Emenike International Hospital, will be run by the best hands in medicine according to him. He also said the hospital would charge subsidised fees at take off sometime in 2019. This is in contrast with issues that erupted four years ago, when Emenike was at loggerheads with Enugu State government over some landed properties.
At the time, Emenike alleged that Enugu State seized over 13 plots of land worth N30 million, which he bought to build a sports academy. Emenike had stated back then: “I visit Enugu whenever I come to Nigeria, my friends stay there as well as some of my family members. I am the kind of person who allows for advice. Even before now, I had a dream to own an academy not only in Nigeria but I believe in the saying that charity begins at home.”

For Eminike we commend him for keying into the words of Jeff Skoll who says " Philanthropy is all about making a positive difference in the world by devoting your resources and your time to causes you believe in. In my case, I like to support causes where “a lot of good comes from a little bit of good,” or, in other words, where the positive social returns vastly exceed the amount of time and money invested".

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