LP Presidential Aspirant, Olusegun Mimiko Speaks Passionately On Role Of Golf In Life Of A True Leader

The Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Olusegun Mimiko, says golf is erroneously emblematized as a game for the bourgeoisie and a highly expensive sport, but there’re more innate benefits inherent in the game of golf than ones imagination can fathom.
In a special report published by Tony Akhigbe in Daily Trust Golf Digest , the flamboyant Presidential Aspirant  said “I am personally convinced that golf is a recipe for good leadership. This may sound Greek to many, but wait a minute. The reason is not that most golfers are leaders in the society, but there is value characteristics intricately submerged in this noble sport that every individual and indeed, every nation must cotton on to for a better society.
“But let’s look at it this way. The very root of good leadership is your conscience: that tiny part of your mind that allows you to examine your action, in the light of good or bad. So a game that gives no-room for cheating, to state the obvious, is a character builder. Any attempt to cheat in the game of golf, pitches one on the side as a taboo amongst conscientious golfers. Basically as a golfer, you must always be conscious of yourself, because at each point in time you’re closely watched.

“Of course, appropriate records are kept and there is the time of reckoning and you know what that means. The fact is simply that as a golfer you’re a disciplined person and it is this quality that first of all gives you a position as a golfer. Golf is a game of concentration and it is only a sane mind that can concentrate. Concentration is that art of summoning the wholesome inner spirit, particularly in order to perform a difficult task. The ability to concentrate is the inspirational push you need to perform as a golfer. The art of concentration-demands discipline and total commitment and these are basic requirements for those of us who aspire to manage men and material.
“As a golfer, you’re a good communicator. This is because, to do well in golf involves that you possess that ability to link up your sensibly to the entire process. Any distraction spells failure for you. Playing golf is simply a leadership process. All the characteristics are in these two areas: ‘golf and leadership’ are intertwined.

“It’s therefore surprising that most people I know who are doing quite well in leadership positions are indeed golfers. My thinking is that anybody who calls himself a leader must learn to play golf. There’s this lyrical semantic power that resonates with the game of golf which must be accepted. Unknowingly to golfers, once you’re on the course, you are undergoing leadership training. Thus, while the game takes the burden of leadership off your shoulder as a recreation, you’re psychologically undergoing a rite of cleansing that imbibes those leadership ideals in your system.

“The concept of golf and the lessons of the game have been of assistance to me since I ventured into public service and leadership positions over the past 20 years. As a former Governor, I find the lessons very rewarding arid useful.
“I therefore recommend golf for all those who are in leadership position, those who aspire for leadership in our society as it is common in Western democracies. It may not be a coincidence that virtually all American Presidents play golf.”


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