2019 Presidential Race : Femi Adeshina Speaks On Vocal Minority vs. Voting Majority..........Says "Many Will Vote PMB Over Honour To Late MKO ABIOLA

"History will vindicate the just"- Late Zik

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

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Chief Femi Adeshina, the President's Special Adviser on Media and Publicity was in the week honored as the country's journalism Icon of the year by the Kogi branch of Nigerian Union of journalism

He was said to have won the award based on his doggedness and versatility in carrying out his duties amidst criticisms

This may not be in doubt, Adeshina is wildly known as one who often and tirelessly tells anyone who cares to know, of reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari will win the 2019 presidential election

Only a while ago, he openly enlightened the Nation's populace that

“Some people have made it a pastime to talk as if there is no silver lining in the sky as far as the Nigerian economy is concerned. They carry on as if it is doom and gloom all the way, a thoroughfare of woes.

“This they do to hoodwink the public, and peradventure gain political advantage for themselves, or their principals.

“But facts are stubborn things. Those arrayed against facts may abhor and deride them, but there the the truth will also stand firm"

Now Adeshina has come out again with pragmatic analyses why President Buhari will retain his number one seat in the 2019 general elections

In a position paper made available to Cerutti Political Platform, titled:
" 2019 : Abiola factor

Adeshina argued

"Many Nigerians especially the Yoruba's will vote massively for Buhari in 2019
" No Nigerian leader living or dead has been able to honor the late Democratic hero and decorated him with highest level of national AWARD..if for nothing many said for this humane gesture they will vote PMB again, so you can see that since democracy is by number the 2019 coast is clear"

The long series to be continued

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