"Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will". Nelson Mandela words on marble 2003

By Cerutti M Osagie

• the author, Cerutti   Mike Osagie has been described in the superlatives in the noble art of professional writer in addition to being a an Image maker, blogger, Abundance mentality speaker and a part time theologist
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This book you are holding is not by accident.
A few years back when the Cerutti Books & Media Group applied for a Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Official registration number and business name, one of the officials that attended to us was so curios in two fronts

·      He wanted to know the meaning and origin of CERUTTI
·      He also wanted to know the type of books we plan to be coming out with since our license permit was to produce and merchandise books
On first poser, we told him that CERUTTI was a name given to us by an old friend in London called Hon.Chinedu Nkwonta
aka Eduboy Superstar. He was amazed in the 2001 meeting we had that all days of meeting I WAS always appearing on various suits and tie and he decided to call me DE CERUTTI, a famous name of the top Italian name meant for NOBLES

In 1881, the grandfather of Nino Cerruti founded the textile mill Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti. Located in Biella (Piemonte, Italy) the water in the region is put to use to wash and treat the wool, which is imported principally from Australia and South Africa, so as to develop flannel, tweeds, cashmere, and butter muslin. Nino Cerruti took over the family business after his father's death in 1950[
Cerruti fabrics are still produced in the same workshops.
The Cerruti label was launched in 1967 with a menswear collection. In 1976, the line 'Cerruti Woman' was created. Before creating his own brand in 1974, Giorgio Armani had worked in Paris under Cerruti.
In 1978, the house launched its first fragrance with Nino Cerruti pour Homme, followed by numerous other fragrances for both men and women such as Fair Play in 1985, Cerruti 1881 pour Homme in 1990, Cerruti Image in 1998 and l'Essence de Cerruti in 2008.
In the 1980s, Cerruti began producing clothes for films, including Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Woman, Basic Instinct, and American Psycho. The brand designed clothes for actors such as Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford[4], Al Pacino and Jean Paul Belmondo. Nino Cerruti had cameo appearances in the following Hollywood movies: Holy Man (1998), Catwalk (1996) and Cannes Man (1996).
In 1994, Cerruti was the official designer of the famous Scuderia Ferrari
In October 2000, Nino Cerruti sold his brand to Italian investors and get back to the family business of his grandfather, Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti, dal 1881.
Today, the Cerruti brand includes ready-to-wear, jeans, sportswear, fragrances, leather goods, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories like writing instruments.
So with that, I assured the CAC Head that Cerutti is just a nickname turned middle name and that all we will be doing now is producing books and merchandising them –the Marilyn book on kiddies advice is a first effort in children book production and we hope it will make a lasting impression on all children of the world today and future
· PART 1
IMPORTANCE OF Financial Literacy for Kids

According to a 2015 study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), teaching financial skills to kids before they enter college or the workforce is crucial to helping them grow into adults who can achieve financial security and success. And yet, only States of Countries globally mandate that high school students study economics

According to Investopedia. Math is certainly part of financial literacy, but so is the ability to understand one’s credit rating, to avoid and pay down debt, and to understand how financial transactions and products work in order to make informed financial decisions.
How It Can Be Taught

It’s important to take an active hand in preparing kids for the financial world. Financial literacy can be taught to students as part of other subjects like math or history, or on its own, such as with modules like those created by the High School Financial Planning Program. Such education needn’t focus on complex economics topics. Rather, it should focus on topics that are easy for students to learn and that have immediate practical application. The CFPB has five recommendations:
  • Start financial literacy as early as kindergarten, and require a stand-alone personal finance course for high school students.
  • Include personal finance questions on standardized tests.
  • Provide students with hands-on learning opportunities, so they can use their finance skills.
  • Train teachers in personal finance and offer them incentives for teaching it in their classes.
  • Give parents the tools they need to discuss financial topics at home.
Part 2

·         Money Lesson: Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

In her words “when we say Money does not grow on tree, it means Money doesn't grow on trees. This means that money is something that must be earned and that it is not easy to acquire it. It often means that you should be careful how much you spend, because money is not an infinite resource
“So when kids see bills pop out of the ATM, they don't realize that money is a finite resource. We MUST explain to them that you work to make money, and the bank is just a place that keeps it safe, we must teach them to safe at early stage of their lives

·         Money Lesson: Work with Your Budget

The best way to teach kids to start managing money is to give them some. If they blow their allowance on a new Star Wars figure and don't have enough left for a DVD they really want, that's actually a good thing: "They learn firsthand the consequence of overspending," says Marilyn

·         Money Lesson: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Teaching kids delayed gratification will help combat the "buy now, pay later" mentality that could mire them in credit card debt later on. So, as much as you can, reinforce the idea that waiting pays off. For instance, make a homemade pizza together with all the ingredients your child loves; then microwave a store-bought frozen one. The homemade pie takes longer, but it tastes way better.

·         Money Lesson: Don't Spend It as Soon as You Get It

Curbing impulse buying goes hand in hand with teaching delayed gratification. Show by example. Before you go shopping, create a budget. Outline what you're going to buy, what stores you're going to, and the price range for each item. Then compare prices online and clip coupons together (consider letting your child keep the savings so she sees that bargain-hunting pays). She'll learn that planning purchases before you buy is the routine.

·         Money Lesson: Keep Track

Simply knowing where her money is going is a big step forward in your child's money management skills. Have her use a notebook or go on a computer to keep track of her money. Make a file (or use an old purse) where she can store receipts and statements.

·         KIDS Must be Told Truth /How much you spent on a gift
“For kids, gifts are often one-dimensional. They don't think about the cost, but rather the excitement of giving and receiving, Marilyn explains. By mentioning the price of a gift, however high or low, you could be skewing their perception.
"First and foremost, the value of a gift is not always reflected in its price. After all, some of the best gifts, like making pizza with Dad or building a couch fort with Mom, are basically free," Marilyn Explained
For example, she says, "The 10-year-old nephew of a friend was in tears at his birthday party when he noticed that he had gotten fewer presents than in previous years. His mom had to explain that now that he was older, the things he wanted cost more money. So a few of his relatives had pitched in to get him the pricey iPad he really wanted, rather than a bunch of smaller gifts-so you see, truth is vital to tell little ones ."

·         Shopping With your Kids is Good
She described this 7th point as one of the most vital, in her words “You get to teach your children frugality.  I once took my daughter to the mall and she wanted a brand which is way too expensive, I said “No, baby girl, we can’t get that blue box of macaroni and cheese. That’s what is called a name brand which really means ‘More expensive for no good reason.’ But don’t worry, Mommy’s got you covered. You see this plain white box? The one with the dented corner and the ‘Price Reduced to $0.19’ sticker? That’s what you’re having for lunch.” I told her


• The Africa's word smith, Mike Cerutti  Osagie 

( aka " Czar of Letters") is a Human Evangelist and symbol of the very captivating " Grass to Grace " Successful people / renaissance role model secret to success researcher and connoisseur- who is continually setting standard for global youths on need to always apply massive work ethics in all they do

Originally a sports writer, before being converted to a luxury/ lifestyle word smith, by leading publisher and his mentor, Chief Nduka Ogbaigbena,
the Chairman and Editor-In-Chief, THISDAY newspapers

Osagie has since then, expanded his writing philosophies to deeper frontiers from style to business, politics, Long essays and inspirational master pieces

An avid reader who is in love with serenity, De Cerutti from the word go has always been on the wings, and is currently the reining Nigeria's best prolific celebrity writer and best favorite teens young charity personality award winner for his tireless efforts in spotlighting the plight of the blind and orphans in our society today

After a brief and still ongoing career as a professional writer , Cerutti Osagie just recently bagged a new degree in Theology from the Two Witness Institute, Michigan, USA and consequently ordained as an Evangelist and speaker of word of hope

His latest book , 55 key Wealth instruction is a life changing pragmatic research project from the life and times of the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon

Beyond being an author,Osagie is also an Image management ,Speaker of hope to the depressed , and a rising  entrepreneur

 His works and previous books can be viewed via : www.worldindustryleaders.blogspot.com

·         De Cerutti can be contacted via :chiefcerrutti@gmail.com

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