NEW YEAR ADVICE TO GLOBAL YOUTHS: "Today's younger Generation Should Embrace Agriculture MORE"-Says Eunice Efole


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"Our Youths Must Not Look Down on Agriculture"
- Eunice Efole, Property Developer Offers you few life changing tips

The highly successful author of the " Millionaire Mind secret " Harv Ekar once postulated thus...

" No one is born knowing how to manage money, only ignorant people fail to learn "

He went further, " the poor people are usually focused on spending their money anyhow, while the rich people are focused on making, keeping and investing it, all three of which are good money habits "

Such can today be said of property developer, Eunice Efole who is proud owner of her business set up and comfortably berths in her modest lekki i " E Mansion "

A lot has no doubt been written on her of late, but as part of our massive World leaders role models advice for today's youths, we caught up with her and got this robust advice

" A lot has been said about the role of hard work, determination, focus etc in building a great future career

" But today I want to go unconventional and advice the youths that beyond all the available career opportunities today, in the new year, they must not fail to be agriculturally
minded. There is great and untapped opportunities in agriculture and one can hardly go wrong there. It is worth the while

" That aside, another good advice I have for the young ones is that they must be ready to stir their future with creative works and with good deeds, but above all these they must never fail to seek the face and hand of God at all times and must be spiritually enlightened for that is source of all great, long lasting blessings emanates from " she posited

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