CEO Exclusive Corner: Role Model of Youths, Valentine Ozigbo,MD of Transcorp Hilton Speaks On " Choosing A Career "

QUOTE-"The best career advice I've gotten is to stay focused, keep moving forward"|-Tyga

By Mike Cerutti Osagie

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In continuation of the World Leaders online magazine special new year
series, aimed to impact the life and career goals of future champions,
we today present the interesting view point of the young and dynamic
MD/ CEO of one of the world's most lucrative and money spinning Hilton
hotel worldwide

A man of immaculate taste, MD Valentine Ozigbo is a rare breed,
focused, meticulous and very professional in his call to duty

In this short take, he advices young future champions on choosing a
career that will outlive them

Hear him " Many people are in fields or vocation that shouldn't be for them

" Doing what is not your passion could be risky for output, my advice
candidly is for the future champions to make it to the end, they must
make sure they choose a career relevant in this point in time and near
the future since we in jet age

"Your passion must be yardstick and you must be ready to mix it with
what is relevant today and future
" To win big, both now, tomorrow and future, excellence must be your
watchword, excellence and your ability to destroy mediocrity will put
you ahead in anything you choose to do and in any part of the world "

Ozigbo postulated


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